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❤️🌹TOP Minneapolis Restaurants Recs for V-Day❤️🌹

635 Lake St E, Wayzata, MN

Recommended by: Jaye N.

“Went very last minute, nicely greeted and we settled for high tops considering we had no rez. Wasn’t long at all, server was splendid, few minor mishaps but so effortlessly corrected (coming from a 12yr server/bartender/manager) Best and now favorite rockafeller oysters, top tier!! And then the icing on the cake, was her being so kind and going out of her way to bring me a birthday to go candle for my cheesecake. We were so full and satisfied but dessert was a necessity!! Just a first time customer now a long time one and telling EVERYBODY!!”

1571 Plymouth Rd, Minnetonka, MN

Recommended by: Mezan G.

“This was a lovely restaurant!

We stopped by for lunch one day and ordered a spicy pepperoni flatbread, smoked turkey sandwich, and bacon wrapped scallop lollipops. We weren’t a fan of the scallop flavor but did enjoy the other items. The flatbread was fresh and well topped with pepperoni. The turkey sandwich was more on the sweeter side but I loved the whipped cheese and apricot chutney.

The ranch here is also one of the best I’ve ever tried. Very flavorful and pairs well with the fries. The service was great. The server was very attentive and had a great suggestion. The ambiance is beautiful. Lots of space, natural sunlight, and art.

We came during lunch so no reservation was needed but as we were leaving it definitely started to fill up and seemed like a reservation would be great for dinner.”

6801 France Ave S, Edina, MN

Recommended by: Abby P.

“STUNNING!!! Who knew?! Maybe everyone and I’m just late to the party? Regardless, what a beautiful space. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from an RH, but it really did live up.

We took our clients for dinner and they were thrilled with the space, the view, the food and the drinks. It’s certainly pricey, but if you know that going in then there shouldn’t be anything to complain about!

I had the salmon and we ordered fries and the cheese board to start. All of it was great and I enjoyed every bit!

The crowd was interesting…lots of teenage looking kids so I’m wondering if there isn’t a school nearby or something, but it wasn’t disruptive or anything, just something of note. Would go back!

4134 N Hubbard Ave, Robbinsdale, MN

Recommended by: Charlie P.

“We went for the basement bar Party to Die For experience and it was amazing! It was a multi course meal that was very clever but also delicious. We also did the cocktail pairing, our favorites were the gin drinks. There were 4 cocktails and 8 dishes. You can purchase additional drinks or food to accompany the meal as well. The place was decked out and involved a few different rooms. The acting and themes were hilarious! The staff completely immersed themselves in the roles. The whole experience is under 2 hours. It is adults only. There is a parking lot option.

550 Winnetka Ave N, Golden Valley, MN

Recommended by: Sydney S.

“Came to Doolittles for a double date/get together with some friends. I love it here because it feels super homey, has a comforting menu, plus a big variety! I was able to easily get a reservation for dinner on a Friday night, however the place was pretty full. Luckily the space is large, but it can get a tad loud.

Our waitress was very nice and quick, we had no issues getting food and drink, and even having some down time talking after our meal at the table.

For dinner, I ordered the BBQ Chicken Salad. This was delicious! The portion was very large, so it worked well as a full dinner meal. I loved that the chicken included was rotisserie chicken too.

Everyone at our table loved our meals, and the price is right for a large portion of quality food.

Definitely recommend coming here, and stopping by Patina next-door before or after your meal!

230 Cedar Lake Rd S, Minneapolis, MN

Recommended by: Thomas Z.

“Located in Bryn Mawr, this is a Latin American-inspired cozy little place about 6 minutes from downtown Mpls. After 4 enjoyable visits, I’d rate the food as very good. Highlights include the queso fundito (spend the 2 bucks and add chorizo), Llapingachos (potato cakes), roasted olives (fantastic), pork tacos, slow-roasted pork and the pepperoni pizza. The Bryn Mawr burger was tasty but hard to eat. After it was sliced in half, the onions and all just slid off the burger. We found the guacamole just okay lacking any kick. The service is routinely awesome – friendly and attentive. Didn’t test the bar yet, but La Mesa sells some good local beer. Nothing on the menu sells for over $30, so all-in-all, this place feels like we’ve found a hidden gem. Don’t tell anyone.

211 N 1st St, Minneapolis, MN

Recommended by: Kasey S.

“FOOD: Best dining experience I’ve had in Minneapolis so far. We started off with an appetizer of Bison Tartare… and it was incredible. The season pasta- roasted butternut squash cappelletti was the best pasta I’ve had, and even the pork chop was incredible. They even gave some yummy cookies at the end with the check:)
SERVICE: Great service here! Our waitress was awesome and gave us great recommendations. The food came out very quickly especially considering the restaurant was packed.
AMBIANCE: The ambiance is awesome! Very cool, modern vibe inside. I love that you can watch the chefs cook/create your food! If you are looking for a fancy date night, this is definitely the spot!
LOCATION/PARKING: The restaurant is in the North Loop, which is the best area in Minneapolis. Very walkable if you live downtown! They do have valet parking as well!

Ridgedale Center: 12735 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka, MN

Recommended by: Mary Y.

“I would definitely come back!

The smoothies were delicious, it was not too sweet or tart, especially the peach smoothie.

The avocado egg roll was good, but the sauce does not go well with it (just me , my friend thought it was good) i dont like savory and sweet together.

The spinach dip was good, but the chips was stale. It was oka, i did however dip my eggroll in the dip. The salad that came with my burger was good. I was getting tired of greasy food, therefore the salad did a great compliment to all the food. The chicken sandwich was good. It was juicy and not dry.

The cheesecake was “chef kiss” i would definitely come back for the cheesecake. However, hold back on the whip cream!

The service was ok, it was super busy.

The ambiance was good. It was loud but we were sat out in the mall. Which was fine, only wish we were sitting outside or inside.

11544 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka, MN

Recommended by: Christian T.

“This restaurant was great! I walk in with my family and not just 1 person, but the host, and 3 waiters! ( +1 Star )They lead us to our table, we had move to a different table though because my iPad was low battery. We move to the other table but there was a fan blasting us with freezing cold air!
( -1 star ) are waiter named Kaia was the best! She came and greeted all of us with Thanksgiving smiles and told us about her thanksgiving! She pored us water and even left a huge bottle full of water! (+1 star) Kaia Immediately came to us when ever we needed something! ( +1 star ) what really made me happy was that they had diet sprite! In all my history of restaurants, none had Diet Sprite! ( +1 star ) the menu had so many options! I had trouble choosing. It was no problem, Kaia didn’t just recommend, she said her favorite menu item, The most ordered, and even where it’s from and what time it’s delivered at the restaurant! ( +1 star ) I ordered the Asian Sticky Ribs.They were the best ribs I’ve ever tried! They were so good, I asked Kaia what they came from, she said they came from a Asian pig in Japan! I’m mike, how the F did she know that! ( +1 star ) I loved this restaurant! What got the 5th star is that I got a victory royal in Fortnite! ( +1 Star ) this restaurant was great! 5 stars!

730 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Recommended by: Cass A.

“We finally understand the hype behind the Parlour Burger!

First – if you see a small menu, you know the place does what they do well.
Second – you know the burger is good if you don’t even contemplate adding condiments to it.
Last – you really can’t beat a combination of ground chuck/ribeye/brisket, white American cheese, and an egg bun

The burger was juicy, flavorful, and needed absolutely nothing else. The fries were meaty and crunchy (you only need 1-2 for a table of four). The service was good and the space was unique. It’s a bit challenging to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for since the entrance is downstairs with minimal signage.

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