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I want to be an Agent

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of Real Estate Agents fail within the first 5 years, meaning they leave the industry. Why?

Most Agents don’t make enough money to stay in business.

Agents working with Kerby & Cristina Real Estate Experts create more than just sales… they create careers with a very good annual income. Our first-year Agents can easily achieve income goals of $65,000 and our second-year Agents often earn 6-figure incomes, with some achieving over $175,000.

Agents on our team deserve more, so we stick to a 4-pronged approach to ensure that they get more. That’s how our second-year Agents average over 36 home sales a year.

  • 1Personalized Success Coaching is part of our culture
  • 2Your expenses are VERY low and all leads are paid for
  • 3The support you get is there to keeping you focused on selling, not details
  • 4The team culture really makes it a fun place to “belong”

  • Kerby Skurat
    Team Leader /
    Marketing Expert

    Kerby started in 2008 and has learned the strategies to being a leader and provide a place for agents to thrive. The team he and Cristina have built is dedicated to your success.

  • Cristina Edelstein-Skurat
    Your Conversion Coach

    Cristina sold 155 homes in a single year and she takes that level of expertise and puts it to work on your business to help you grow! She’s the fuel that ignites a fire in your sales business.

  • Bonnie Nguyen
    Your Systems Expert

    One of the reasons Agents fail is because they can’t “get it all done”. Bonnie coaches you on how to do MORE in less time. She’s the architect behind the systems that sell over 549 homes each year!

  • Chia Moua
    Your Sales Trainer

    Chia is passionate about teaching and loves seeing agents on the team succeed! She helps train agents on how to successfully implement the Team’s processes and procedures so agents can truly elevate and grow their business. With her training and support, new agents on the team are equipped with the skills to sell over 36 homes a year!

We Take Care of a Majority of Your Expenses, Including Leads & Staff


  • What is paid for by KC?

    Regular Business Expenses: The staff, leads, signs, sign riders, lockboxes, copies, business cards, postage, thank you notes, flyer boxes, flyers, presentations, folders, CMA binding, database software, paperless closing software, open house signs, e-mail software, lead generation software, and productivity coaching. RE/MAX Results Expenses: Annual Legal Defense Program Fees, LLC Dues, Team Member Monthly Fees, and Desk Fees.

  • Leads & Appointments Come Daily

    We generate over 1,100 new leads a month, and you have the opportunity to convert those leads at a higher split, as well as have our expert team members set you up on appointments. We believe that when both you and the team contribute together, everyone wins while you get to do what you love most.

  • What fees do you pay?

    Annual NAR/MNAR/MAAR ($575), MAAR MLS Access Fee ($476 – billed $119/quarter), Supra Lockbox Ekey ($11.79/month), DOC License Application/Reinstatement Fee ($150), and DOC License Renewal Fee (amount varies each year; approximately $75).

  • How much should you expect to earn?

    Our first-year Agents can expect to earn $65,000+. Second year agents can expect to earn between $100,0000-$200,000+. We track everything and can show you the results.

  • What is the team like?

    First of all, we encourage you to call current team members to cross-check what we’re saying (don’t take our word for it, take theirs). Second, our team is awesome. We have great people that genuinely care about their colleagues and serving our clients. They want to make sure the culture is a fit for you because they own the culture. We have fun happy hours, a private Facebook group, an annual boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka, and quarterly off-site gatherings to keep the culture thriving and the team gelling.

    Call Agents in the business that have worked with us!

Our Core Values are the “secret sauce” and really the “benefits” because if you own them, you’re going to be serving clients, loving your work, and making a good income doing it… that is what we want and that should be what you want.

  • Be Humble

    We believe that humble people are the only type of people that can embrace the rest of our core values. To quote Patrick Lencioni, “Ideal team players are humble. They lack excessive ego or concerns about status. Humble people are quick to point out the contributions of others and slow to seek attention for their own. They share credit, emphasize team over self, and define success collectively rather than individually.”

  • Be a Hustler

    Hustlers do whatever is needed to get the job done. They step up, they lead, they are there when the going gets tough. If the toilet needs to be cleaned, they’ll do it… and right after that, they’ll go meet with a luxury home seller and demonstrate value to the client. It’s a combination of working hard and being energetic.

  • Grow and Learn

    “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse,” – Pat Riley. The real estate industry is constantly changing, and we’re focused on keeping our Agents dialed in so they can win for their clients. We know that anyone that embraces a continuous growth mindset will do great on our team and will do amazing working with our clients!

  • Positive Attitude

    Attitude is everything! The more upbeat, positive, and optimistic we are, the better the results will be. Real estate is a tough business and your mindset determines much of your success. If you don’t have a positive attitude, you won’t reach your full potential. We coach positivity and reinforce it!

  • Never Problems, Only Solutions

    Being in real estate is basically like being a professional problem solver. You are constantly faced with new challenges and you use the saying, “I’ve never seen that before,” quite often. We believe every problem has a solution and that is what sets us apart. We’ll figure it out and make it better.

About Kerby & Cristina

Over the past 11 years, Kerby and Cristina have built the team by investing deeply in each person. We have seen amazing results and a strong client following. As we look to the future of our team, our passion has now become “to create a place for people to thrive!” We strongly believe that if you aren’t having fun and loving what you do, you shouldn’t be doing it. We want to see our team members excel and do more than they thought possible.


We Create Experts Empowered by World-Class Systems and Marketing!

We aren’t just a fun team to be a part of, we are a team focused on creating experts that are empowered! On our team, the systems and marketing (as well as the amazing support staff) are really what empowers Agents to go from average to world-class!

Team Culture

Not only is it fun, it is a place that causes you to become your best. We go deep on helping you with your “Business Rocks” as well as your “Personal Rocks”. Our team members have hit weight loss goals, revitalized their marriages, CRUSHED marathons and been on dream vacations all because of the accountability that is put in place around not only business goals, but also personal goals.

You often spend more time with your team than you do your family, we believe there should be a little personal accountability, so you don’t forget about what is REALLY important when you come to work every day!


What We Are Looking For

  • Team Players:

    You’ve got to be… hungry, humble, and smart. We believe that the ideal team player has those qualities and wants to be part of a TEAM (not just an individual player). They know they work better on a team and thrive being coached to new levels.

  • Growth Minded:

    We don’t believe in a scarcity mindset, we believe in an abundance mindset. The right fit on our team will want to learn the steps, systems, and processes to help take their career to a new level. We encourage and develop growth mindsets on our team.

  • Follow Up:

    We believe that following up and finding options for our clients adds value to the client experience. Our team members have a follow-up block in their schedules to help them keep their clients active and drive results for the company.