Who Really is Buying Homes Today? There is an inventory crisis but homes appreciated this year 49% more than pre-pandemic times…why? Dealth, divorce, default and dollar-dollar bills that’s why! Even with affordability at an all-time low, interest rates hitting the skies, and the very real supply shortage, these D factors will always be around.  What do these four D’s really

Top Twin Cities Easter Activities

Grab your baskets and get ready for the hunt! We’re not eggs-agerating when we say our Twin Cities egg hunt round-up is more massive than ever this year. Easter is Sunday, March 31 in 2024. You’ll find the majority of events are on the Saturday before or one week earlier. Easter egg hunts are one of

Shape Your Business with the Spring Market Do you have clients that you know are going to be selling in the Spring Market? Getting ready for the Spring Market is one of the best things you can do for your business. Cristina is here to share the top 3 tips that our agents utilize to help their clients get things ready

Mortgage Rates Hit a 23 Year High… The hottest topic of all right now is mortgage rates. With the recent news of mortgage rates hitting a 23-year high, buyers have put a halt on buying. Many buyers are “waiting until the rates go down to 2-3%.” Although that sounds like the best of both worlds, rates likely will not go that

Kerby & Cristina’s Favorite Valentine Traditions – Top Theaters to Watch Plays

Orpheum Theater 910 Hennepin Ave,Minneapolis, MN Opened in 1921 originally as the Hennepin Theatre, the Orpheum is one of four theatre venues on Hennepin Avenue that stages the majority of theater-related events in the city. It has undergone drastic renovation in 1993, after the sale of the theatre by none other than Bob Dylan, to

Kerby & Cristina’s Favorite Valentine Traditions – Restaurants

6smith Boatworks Building on Lake Minnetonka294 Grove Lane East, Wayzata, MN Meat. Fish. Drink. An artisan-inspired meat and seafood restaurant for the urban suburban, nestled along the stunning shores of Lake Minnetonka. We are bold, fresh, and modern. Pau Hana 14435 State Highway 13,Savage, MN From the team that opened Lake & Irving in Uptown

2024 Home Design Trends!

2024 Home Design Trends! Bye, sleek minimalism. Hello! warmer, more whimsical style. Don’t Be Surprised if you start to notice fewer photos of minimal, sleekly designed rooms in your Instagram feed in favor of more pictures of bedrooms and living rooms with warm, textured, sometimes whimsical decor. No one wants to choose furniture and decor

❤️🌹TOP Minneapolis Restaurants Recs for V-Day❤️🌹

Gianni’s Steakhouse   635 Lake St E, Wayzata, MN Recommended by: Jaye N. “Went very last minute, nicely greeted and we settled for high tops considering we had no rez. Wasn’t long at all, server was splendid, few minor mishaps but so effortlessly corrected (coming from a 12yr server/bartender/manager) Best and now favorite rockafeller oysters,

Moderate Home Price Growth

A positive sign for affordability is the anticipation of moderate home price growth. While inventory remains low, experts from Fannie Mae foresee a slowdown in price growth. They noted that home price growth has been just under 6% in 2023 and predict slower growth closer to 2.5% in 2024 and 2025. “On average, the panel

Growth in Home Supply

“The offer will be relaxed in 2024. Even homeowners who have been characterized as being ‘tethered’ to low rates will increasingly find that changing family and financial circumstances will lead to more moves and more new homes for sale over the course of the year, particularly as rates approach 6.5%” ~ Lisa Sturtevant, Chief Economist

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