The weather is finally warming up in the Twin Cities, and if you’re like most locals, there’s no better way to celebrate the warmer seasons than with a trip to a local greenhouse, nursery, or garden center! Planting a new garden or shopping for outdoor plants can be so therapeutic after a Minnesota winter. Check out our list of a few of the best local greenhouses and nurseries in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

KC Blog 2022 Spring FLowers Tonkadale 1

Tonkadale Greenhouses

In Minnetonka offers an extensive selection of plants and flowers, herbs, vegetables, succulents, African violets, and tropical plants. Their specialties include indoor plants, container gardens, and custom designs for every season. Visit the greenhouse and take a quiet stroll. Pet the cat. Take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of the soil, the fresh plants, and the new flowers at Tonkadale.

KC Blog 2022 Spring FLowers Motherearthgardens

Mother Earth Gardens

In Minneapolis (2 locations) specializes in organic gardening, sustainably grown plants, and eco-friendly products. It’s their mission to choose plants and gardening products that have been grown, produced, and delivered in sustainable ways. They also offer unique gardening services you won’t find anywhere else in town. Get your “Eco” on this spring at Mother Earth Gardens.

KC Blog 2022 Spring FLowers Lilydale

Lilydale Garden Center

In St. Paul--don't miss out! This local garden center has a little bit of everything–including plants, garden accessories, and a great selection of pottery and fountains. Stop into Lilydale Garden Center–you may even get a peek at their greenhouse cat, Henry!

We hope you take a little time today to celebrate Mother Earth, and stop to smell the flowers (even if you have to go to a greenhouse to find them)!

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