About Sooki & Mimi: Named after two grandmothers of decidedly different cultures, Sooki & Mimi is all about connection and contrast. Their James Beard award-winning chef Ann Kim explores a new path–atop a delectable base of springy, soft tortillas sits a deeply personal menu filled with blended culinary cues spanning Korean, Midwestern, and Latin American ingredients, to name a few.

Cristina says, “Presentation of all the items was like ART! The server was incredible–clearly very passionate about the food he was serving and truly made you want to order it ALL. It was such a fun and delicious dining experience! Kerby and I highly recommend Sooki & Mimi.”

Frida Salad

The Frida Salad

(grilled radicchio, seasonal greens, cucumber, smoked labneh, cashew tahini, dukkah, soft egg)
“was AMAZING, fresh, a burst of various greens. DELICIOUS!”

Gravlax Tostada

The Gravlax Tostada

(charred scallion cream cheese, everything bagel spice, capers, pico verde)
“was to DIE for! The tostada is a tortilla they bake and let dry overnight. YUM with the seasonings and sauce!”

Mole Almendrado

Mole Almendrado

(smoked celery root, black beans, infladita, marcona almonds)
“was a bit small portion-wise but absolutely amazing and flavorful. Having grown up in Mexico, this was good mole!”

hominy grits

Hominy Grits and Prawns

(new caledonia blue prawns, salsa macha, fennel)
“Kerby liked these–very buttery/creamy and rich! The prawns were huge and they even leave the heads separate but fried so you can eat them! I didn’t touch them but Kerby was courageous and ate them–I had to send the kids a video of that!”

Mushroom Birria 1

Mushroom Birria Tacos

(confit maitake, queso chihuahua, shiitake crema, vegetable consommé)
“were SUPER! Kerby loved them. Instead of flour or corn tortillas, they’re made from fried cheese–amazing with the crema!”

beef Fish Tacos

Beef Bulgogi and Fish Tacos

(flour tortillas, pickled cucumbers & carrots, kimchi crema, scallion, sesame) and Fish Tacos (nopales, red cabbage slaw, avocado morita salsa, cilantro)
“Kerby loved the beef. The fish tacos were one of MY favorites.The fish was fresh and all the seasonings were tasty and delicious. I would get this one again, hands down!”

Kakiage 1


(corn tortillas, vegetable tempura, cucumber salad, dongchimi, avocado, pickled kumquats, salsa)
“It ended up being too much for us with everything else that we ordered, but BOY was it yummy! The dipping sauces for the MASSIVE pile of tempura veggies was soooooo good! Wish I’d had more room!”

sweet potato

Sweet Potato Starch Donut Holes

(over dulce de leche caramel, chocolate mousse on the side)
“Kerby made those disappear so quickly I only could wish I’d eat as fast as he does!”

Sooki & Mimi

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