Have you ever gone shoe shopping online and then noticed that wherever else you decided to browse on the internet, shoe advertisements started to follow you? Sometimes a pair of shoes you looked at a week ago will pop up in an advertisement on your Facebook, showing you more shoes that match your style and directing you to where you can easily purchase them.

You’ve probably asked yourself, how is this happening? The answer is simpler than you expect. Anytime you go online, you’re producing data. You’re creating a “trail of information”. Businesses call this trail “big data”.

Industries use big data to create customized, improved shopping experiences for you, the consumer. Big data has had a huge impact on most industries including real estate because we can use this newfound technology to improve the way we reach and market to our clients.

For example, let’s say you’re one of our home sellers. A potential home buyer clicks around on the web and creates a data trail, which we utilize to decide what type of homes the buyer would prefer to be shown. This is often based on price ranges, location, certain features, etc. Our team then advertises your home to the right buyers based on their previous searches and interests that match your home’s criteria. This has proven to increase exposure and sales for our sellers and enhance the process through which we attract buyers to our clients’ homes.

Since we are advanced in our use of this method of big data marketing, we have been extremely successful in attracting buyers because our marketing follows buyers around who may be looking for a home just like our sellers! We get more exposure, clicks and engagement on our listings because buyers have already told us that they’re interested in what we’re showing them.

This is huge advantage for our sellers that most other agents are not aware of. Our team specializes in marketing your home to give it the best exposure and that is why we sell our homes for more and faster than other teams and agents. We work hard and strategically to offer you marketing that targets your listing to the right buyers. This will not only increase the number of potential buyers viewing your home but get you the best price in the shortest amount of time by maximizing your home’s exposure. Partner with our team so we can strategically market your home!

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