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Snow days are great for kids, but they can be bad for parents.  Sure, you may have gotten out of work due to unsafe conditions, but now you have to figure out what to do with your kids all day.  Chances are, if you’re not supposed to leave the house, their friends probably won’t be coming over to monopolize their day either.  I grew up in Wisconsin, and I remember once when the temperature was -80.  That’s right – 80 degrees below zero.  They said on the news that if any skin was exposed to the air, it could freeze within a few minutes.  That didn’t stop me from calling my best friend up to walk over to my house for the day.  I mean, come on:  it was only a couple blocks.  I assured her she could cover all her skin for just a couple blocks.  That’s how good a friend I am.

The Roll-A-Snowman Game is a quick and easy time-waster that you can do with the kids when you all are stuck inside the house.  It’s simple:  Roll the dice, draw the snowman part.  If you roll the same number twice within one game, it doesn’t count.  The first one with a complete snowman wins!  You could add two dice and more snowman features for an even longer game.  Enjoy!


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