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If you’re anything like me, simple things like hanging up a large picture frame on the wall can be challenging at times.  (Honestly, if it wasn’t for Super Mario Bros, I’d have no hand-eye coordination whatsoever.)  A simple trick I’ve found in this situation is to put a piece of masking tape along the top of the back of the frame by the holes.  Color in where the holes are on the tape, then take the tape off and stick it to the wall where you want to picture to go.   Make sure it is level and hammer a nail in at each pen mark.  Then, discard the tape.  Viola!  A perfectly nailed-up picture the first time.

I wish I’d learned this trick sooner, some of the walls behind my pictures look like they’ve taken some shrapnel damage.  After a while, I admit that I’ve settled for slanted pictures, pictures that are barely balancing on one nail, or even ones that are just leaning against the wall.  Trust me – no matter how hard you try, floor pictures are never going to catch on as a trend.  Till next time!

–       Laura,

Guest Blogger

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