The husband and wife team of Kerby & Cristina Real Estate Experts of RE/MAX Results have built a business from the ground up. They have created one of the most premier real estate teams in the Twin Cities. Being recognized consistently as the #1 RE/MAX Results Team in Minnesota. The team has personally served over 4,700 families the past decade and sold over 775 homes in 2021. Their biggest goal is to gain and retain lifetime clients who feel confident in reaching out to our team for all of their real estate needs.

“Our dream is to build the most trusted and referable real estate organization in the Twin Cities Metro area. To do that, we strive daily to ensure that our attitude and actions meet our core values of being humble, hardworking, growing and learning, positive and “never problems, only solutions”. We love providing our clients with creative solutions and results to their housing needs.”

- Cristina Edelstein-Skurat

“My personal goal as a real estate professional is to rewrite the reputation of most real estate agents. We love working with our clients and providing them with an outstanding team and service that will impact every facet of their lives.”

- Kerby Skurat

Building the Team

Although very different, Kerby and Cristina were bonded by the same important fundamental values: faith, helping others and a strong sense of business. Their differences are not only what attracted them to each other as a couple but also what makes them such a strong real estate team.

Cristina’s main role within the company has evolved into coaching and mentorship amongst the team of growing buyer and listing agents. She is heavily involved in weekly training sessions, 1 on 1’s, role playing, and is the driving force behind what makes our team of agents successful.

Kerby’s role focuses on the systems and marketing. He is the expert when it comes to providing our clients with the most state-of-the-art marketing strategies for maximum exposure. He loves the numbers side of the business and always is dreaming big about the company and for our team and our clients.

The team not only consists of buyers and listing agents, but also full-time support from an office manager, operations manager, listing manager, marketing coordinator, showing agents, professional stagers and client care specialists.

This team of experts is a big joy-giver for Kerby and Cristina, and each opportunity they have to help another person on the team thrive helps them know they are fulfilling their mission.

Their Strategy

Kerby and Cristina always have their clients’ best interests at heart. In fact, they have been known to talk sellers out of putting homes on the market on occasion when it doesn’t make financial sense for the seller, encouraging them to explore renting it out to hold as an investment. Their commitment is to educate and provide unbiased advice when asked, as their goal is to gain a lifetime clients and referrals.

Kerby and Cristina use all forms of technology and other marketing channels to reach their potential clients. They treat each client as a valued individual and put the efforts of their whole team behind achieving each client’s goals in real estate.

Having a culture of “Grow & Learn”, they constantly seek coaching and are avid readers. They know that as much as they grow as people and as leaders, they will be able to contribute even more deeply to their agents, and through them, to their hundreds of clients every year. Bringing the “A game” starts with them, and they are committed to that each and every day.

Growth and Big Picture

Kerby and Cristina agree on one indisputable fact, they love their team and attribute their overall success to the bonds that have formed within their work family.

“We have, hands down, the best team in America. They have a winning combination of grit, determination and an ability to deliver that rivals any team in the nation and for that, we are forever grateful. We could not have grown so quickly without our team of experts.”

- Kerby & Cristina Skurat

Kerby and Cristina are quick to note that while they are honored to share company with only a few other teams in the country with similar award achievements, money isn’t everything. Success is measured by the clients who refer to you and reach out when they are ready to make a move. Their goal is to gain and retain lifetime clients who feel confident in reaching out to the team regardless of their situation – moving up or downsizing; selling or buying, anywhere in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metro area.

While work is undoubtedly an important part of their lives, they also continue to support missionaries and educators in other countries and would like to expand their offerings to include more international business training. In fact, Cristina has worked in D.R. Congo and has been involved in supporting smaller nonprofits that help women there become self-sustaining through small businesses. Her dream is to invest back in the infrastructure there to create jobs for the people there.


One of Kerby and Cristina’s biggest joys in life is their four children and a big reason behind why they do what they do.  They enjoying their evenings with daughters Viviana, and Lucia, their only son, Santiago, and their youngest daughter Amelia. They enjoy spending time as a family being active, playing at the park or taking family trips such as camping up north or to Mexico each year to visit family.

All in all, they are committed to excellence in the service they provide to their clients. They are continually grateful and humbled by the referrals they get every year. Regardless of your goals, Kerby & Cristina serve as your advocate every step of the way!