Team Annual – Paul Petricca Our team is focused on learning new strategies and setting new goals every year both individually and as a team! Last month we had our annual team meeting and hosted a training and development session with special guest, Paul Petricca, owner of Torque Consulting! During our meeting we discussed how to be a winning

The Spring Market Is Here…. What Does That Mean For You? Can you believe we are already one month in 2023? You know what that means – the Spring Market is here! Cristina addresses the 3 BURNING questions our team keeps getting asked. “Will Home Mortgage Rates Keep Rising?” “Will Home Prices Fall?” “Where Is The Bottom of The Real Estate Market Be sure to

Real Estate Predictions for the Twin Cities Fall 2022 We want to take the information our team at KC Experts has been studying and reviewing over the past few months and share with you what we are predicting for the fall real estate market in the Twin Cities. In this video, Kerby and Cristina share their predictions and offer expert advice to sellers!

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