Are Today’s Buyers Overpaying?

Are Today’s Buyers Overpaying? It’s all over the news that today’s sellers are receiving top dollar for their homes often selling in only a few days, in multiple offers, and well above list price! But, what does that mean for today’s homebuyers? Are they overpaying for a house in order to get their offers accepted?

How Long Can This Housing Boom Really Last?

How Long Can This HOUSING BOOM Really Last? How long can this housing boom really last? Will there be a bust for sellers and a break for buyers anytime soon? By watching this video it will give you clarity on the burning question of “Will the housing market crash in 2021?” and will provide you

How Long Will This Housing Boom Last? While home prices are still rising like we’ve never seen before, and offers being accepted overnight, Kerby and Cristina are here to help! The team of expert agents have been getting client’s homes sold fast and for record prices while also winning in multiple offers with our proven strategies! We have been honored to

Cove Builders: The Preserve! Now Selling in Plymouth, Minnesota

About The Community The Preserve by Cove Builders is located in Plymouth within the highly desired Wayzata School District and right down the road from Meadow Ridge Elementary School. Homes are located in a quiet cul-de-sac surrounded by 21 acres of preserved wetlands, prairie, and peaceful nature surroundings. Each homesite offers a different elevation and

10-Day Declutter Challenge

If you’re anything like us, the words “spring” and “cleaning” in the same sentence usually make you turn the other way, but when you can break intimidating tasks down into bite-sized pieces and turn them into a challenge, they are that much easier to complete. Introducing the 10-Day Declutter Challenge!  You’ve probably heard how hot

“I Want More Listings!”
2 Strategies Earn More Business in 2021!

Strategy #1 Past Client CMAs​ Proactively create a CMA for every person you have helped buy a home. Start strategically with your past clients who have lived in their homes the longest period of time. Create a screen shared video where you discuss the CMA, briefly cover the numbers/market and invite them to follow-up with