Mortgage Rates Hit a 23 Year High…

The hottest topic of all right now is mortgage rates. With the recent news of mortgage rates hitting a 23-year high, buyers have put a halt on buying. Many buyers are “waiting until the rates go down to 2-3%.” Although that sounds like the best of both worlds, rates likely will not go that low again — at least not in our lifetime.

Cristina is here to share the expert truth on what is happening right now when you buy homes and how you can capitalize the real estate market. Mortgage rates are always going to be here (and you always have the option to refinance should rates drop lower than what you are able to lock in. But remember, as soon as rates drop to anything with a 5 in front of it, everyone that had hit pause on their buying plans are going to jump head first into the market making it crazy competitive again.

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