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Sell My Maple Grove House

Deciding to sell your house is a huge decision that often leads to a lot of questions. When you trust the real estate agents at Kerby and Cristina, we can help you through every step of the way. Our friendly team has assisted over 3,500 clients over the past 13 years. Have you been wondering, “how will I ever sell my Maple Grove house?” We can help. With the experience and resources needed, our friendly agents can help you through our worry-free listing system.

Experienced Real Estate Agents in Maple Grove, MN

Whether you’re buying or selling property in Maple Grove, MN, our expert real estate agents will be with you every step of the way. When you work with an agent who knows the area and the market, you can avoid unexpected challenges. The Kerby and Cristina team will help you choose the best time to sell, what to list your property for, and note any work that should be done to get your house market-ready. Call us today to start discussing selling your Maple Grove house.

Worry-Free Listing System for Maple Grove Sellers

The Kerby and Cristina team has created a worry-free listing system for Maple Grove sellers to utilize. We know that selling your home can be a complicated process, and you don’t want your Maple Grove home to sit on the market for months. This system will make it easier for you as the seller, with marketing gurus, friendly agents, and knowledgeable listing managers available to help.

Read on to learn more about our worry-free listing system for those who want to sell their house in Maple Grove.

Full-Service Team

Working with Kerby and Cristina means access to our entire network and team. We give homeowners the attention they need when selling their Maple Grove property. Our team consists of:


  • Expert listing agents
  • Inside sales agents
  • Professional staging team
  • Architectural photographers
  • Listing managers
  • Dedicated marketing department
  • Buyer agents and showing agents
  • Closing team

Professional Staging

Not every home needs professional staging, but it can be valuable when trying to sell your Maple Grove home. Staged houses are typically on the market for half the time, plus they can earn more money. The team at Kerby and Cristina offers professional staging services for our Maple Grove home sellers.

Architectural Photography

Prospective buyers start their search online – meaning you need high-quality images of your home to gain attraction and sell it. Our team will ensure your Maple Grove property is captured with beautiful architectural photos by experienced photographers who know what needs to be showcased for your home to sell.

Home Property Briefs & Newsletters

Marketing is one of the most important steps when selling your home. With the Kerby and Cristina team, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our attractive print and email marketing will attract prospective buyers to your Maple Grove property for sale.

Intelligent Digital Marketing

We utilize digital marketing, in addition to print, to target the right audience of buyers for your property. Whether your home is attractive for young families or empty-nesters, we’ll be sure they know about your Maple Grove home for sale through digital marketing.

Client Appreciation Events

We host several client appreciation events each year to show how much we care about our clients and relationships. The Kerby and Cristina team also believes in giving back to the community, so we partner with nonprofits at each event.

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What's My Maple Grove Home Worth?

Once you’ve decided to sell your Maple Grove home, the next question is usually: “What’s my Maple Grove home worth?” Our agents can give you the answer by completing a thorough home evaluation, noting any changes that should be made before you put your home on the market. The Kerby and Cristina agents will recommend what price your house should be listed at, guided by our years of experience in the market. You can trust our team to price your Maple Grove home competitively.

Allie Kaiser is a fantastic realtor. She is very hardworking, personable, and went above and beyond what was expected! She had good suggestions about what should be improved upon before selling and took the time to explain why it was important. She read the market well and gave fantastic advice about purchasing a home.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

We want you to feel comfortable through the home selling process because we know it is a big decision that comes with many emotions. Our team of agents is ready to help you sell your home using our worry-free listing system. We pride ourselves on being friendly, professional, and committed to our clients. Choose one of our Kerby and Cristina agents today to get started.

When you choose your real estate agent, here are a few questions you should ask:

  • How much experience do you have in real estate?
  • What services and resources do you offer?
  • Do you have time to devote to me?
  • How often will you communicate with me?
  • How many homes have you and your team sold in the past year?
  • What’s my Maple Grove home worth?
  • How would you market my home?
  • How soon can you sell my Maple Grove house?
  • What disclosure laws apply to me?
  • What does the listing agreement entail, and what is your fee?
  • What happens if another agent locates a buyer?


Kerby and Cristina have a team of dedicated real estate who work together to help their clients buy and sell homes. No matter where you’re located or which agent represents you, the Kerby and Cristina resources and network are available to you. We can offer our clients knowledgeable real estate professionals to make the home selling process easy.

Sell Your Maple Grove Home With Kerby & Cristina

Our real estate company was started by a husband and wife team with family values in mind. Over the years, we have worked to build a team that reflects our values, including real estate agents who love what they do. We value creating long-lasting relationships with our clients.

When you decide, “I want to sell my Maple Grove house,” our team will be there for you. One of our agents will be able to give you an individualized approach to selling your Maple Grove home so that you feel supported every step of the way. Let us help you sell your home at the right price in a short amount of time. Trust our team to help you navigate the selling process.

Call us today to get started on selling your home in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

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I would highly recommend Sarah Doll for all your real estate needs. She is professional, responsive, and works diligently for her clients while maintaining great relationships with everyone involved in the transaction. You will not find a more caring and dedicated agent to help you!

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