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Staging your lakefront property is an essential part of selling your house. Whether you decide to stage it traditionally or virtually, it will give prospective buyers an idea of the home’s potential. Staging can help you attract more buyers, receive better offers, and sell your lakefront property faster. There are some basic guidelines for staging your home, including some extra steps if your house is lakefront. Once you’re done staging, buyers will be immediately impressed with your home and will want to put in an offer right away. Here are a few of the staging tips this article will cover:

Why Staging Matters

Staging your lakefront home is crucial because it will give buyers the best idea of the property’s potential. You want to show off your house’s best features and make it easy for prospective buyers to envision themselves in the space. With lakefront properties, staging will involve bringing the outdoors and showcasing the lake views coupled with any outdoor space meant to enjoy the lakeside location. Buying property on a lake is typically more expensive than other properties, so you have to sell the benefits of living on a lake to potential buyers.

Different Forms of Staging

There are two different avenues to choose from when you decide to stage your property: traditional staging or virtual staging. Both options will give you great results; it just depends on what state your lakefront home is in and how much time and money you’d like to spend. Traditional staging might require painting, updating, minimal repairs, and moving furniture out to make room for staged furniture and accessories. Virtual staging, on the other hand, can be done with technology that produces photo-realistic renderings. With virtual staging, you won’t have to make any significant changes to your home, and you can avoid some of the hassles of traditional staging.

Staging Tips for Lakefront Properties

Whether you live in a historic neighborhood in Minneapolis or one of the surrounding suburbs, your lakefront property will attract the most attention if you follow these staging tips. Clearing clutter and arranging furniture is just the beginning. You’ll want to showcase certain areas of your home, especially the outdoors, as those looking to buy lakefront property will be interested in the whole package. Curb appeal is crucial, as are the colors and finishes used in your home. Whether you stage virtually or physically, you will want to follow these tips to get the best offers on your lakefront property.

Neutral and Natural Colors

In staging, using neutral and natural colors will help you appeal to a wide range of buyers. Any experienced real estate agent will tell you that buyers like to envision themselves in the space. To help them do that, use neutral colors so that they can see the potential. If your property is lakefront, it’s also a good idea to choose some colors from the surrounding nature. Blues and greens are always a hit and will tie in the outdoors.

Showcase Outdoor Spaces

Showcasing outdoor spaces, especially those looking out at the lake or by the lake, will give your property great value. Since lakefront properties are such a specific market, buyers will want to enjoy the lake and the outdoor amenities they’re buying with the property. Ensure your outdoor space is clean and staged with outdoor furniture, a grilling station, and room for kids to play. If you have a beach, dock, or boathouse, make sure they are updated and ready for immediate use.

Fitting Decor

Choosing appropriate decor for the lakefront setting is another great staging tip. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be nautical or coastal themed. Instead, focus on using fitting decor that may have natural colors or shapes to tie in with the surrounding lakefront area. People who are looking to buy lakefront property are probably interested in the excellent access to nature they will have. Highlighting that with nods to the natural world in the decor is not a bad idea.

Wellness Areas

Wellness is becoming increasingly important in the home. Highlight any fitness areas inside the house or stage one if there isn’t an existing space. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but potential homeowners will want to see that there is room for staying in shape and focusing on their fitness. Transforming a spare bedroom or any small nook of unused space into a workout space is a great idea. Even better if it has lake views.

Access to Nature

Create easy access to nature for your potential buyers to enjoy. Those who buy lakefront properties will want to access the outdoors, especially the lake, easily. Account for this by highlighting any sliding doors or lakefront windows with great views. Make sure window treatments are up to date and allow for privacy as well as lake views when desired. Installing an outdoor shower is another great idea for staging a lakefront property. Potential buyers will love that detail, and it will definitely come in handy in the summer months.

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Captivating Homebuyers

Whether you’re staging your lakefront property traditionally or virtually, following these staging tips will help you garner a lot of interest in your home and get quick and competitive offers. The Twin Cities has many great activities and amenities to enjoy, like restaurants, museums, local breweries, and sporting events. It also offers an abundance of lakefront properties that are every Minnesotan’s dream. By staging your lakefront home with beautiful furniture and decor inside and out, coupled with fantastic views of the outdoors, you will sell your property in no time at a very competitive price.

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