Get Maple Maze Passes and Enjoy an Indoor Getaway With Your Kids!

By: Cristina Edelstein-Skurat

If you live anywhere near the west metro area of the Twin Cities, especially Maple Grove or Plymouth areas, you definitely need to check out Maple grove‘s indoor play area called Maple maze! It is designed for children 12 and younger and there are two areas in the same room that are kept separately. There is a toddler area that is fenced off so that parents don’t have to worry about their kids escaping and there are easier things for the kids to climb or play on that are age-appropriate for three and under. Right outside the gate is the rest of the indoor play area. It is massive, with three story slides and endless areas to climb and play in. There are several different kinds of slides from long straight ones to twisty kinds. It is easy to climb up the treehouse to get to the first level. It is a great place that is accessible from Minneapolis and nearby cities like Plymouth and it makes for an amazing escape from the cold winter or when it is needed to get kids’ energies out.

The rates at Maple Maze in Maple Grove are also very reasonable, being $5.50 for residents and $6.50 for non-residents. My favorite choice is to purchase a 10 pass coupon for only $50. I had purchased one before it closed for a season due to COVID and was still able to use it recently when it reopened and we were able to attend again. Our children love it every time and it makes a great place for play dates or to make new friends as well! Go check it out and enjoy a fun couple of hours with your kids!

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