Do You Want to Be A Part of International Charity Month v3

Giving back to your community is one of the best feelings as you know that you are doing your part to help the ones in need. We understand that there are a ton of different organizations out there and it may be hard to choose which one is the right one for you to donate to. We have complied a list with a few of our favorite charities to donate to making it easy for you to pick the best one for you to donate to! If you are wanting to make a donation to help those in need, click the link below for our list of charities you can donate and make an impact today! Whether it is a small donation or a large donation, we are so grateful to everyone who contributes to these amazing organizations that do everything they can to help the ones in need. Thank you for standing with us and our goal to make an impact to helping those in need in 2023!

Charity List

FMSC Image

As a Christian nonprofit organization, Feed My Starving Children is called to feed God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit.

You will hear us say this again and again: “We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed.” We truly mean this. This means reaching the hard-to-reach people and places, the “least of these.” They will be found, and they will be fed.

With God’s help we will work together with organizations and ministries across the globe to end hunger.

Congo Initiative

Congo Initiative supports transformative university education and community development in the Democratic Republic of Congo. DRC is one of the poorest countries and one of the most difficult places to be a woman. Congo Initiative is an envisioned community of Congolese leaders and global partners united for the transformation of lives and a flourishing Democratic Republic of Congo.

Empowered by this vision, Congo Initiative educates ethical leaders who have integrity; invests in a sustainable vibrant Congolese society; and develops grassroots initiatives for peace, hope, and justice.

In this vision, we are together—being transformed to transform.

Homes of Hope


An amazing experience to bring your family, congregation, or co-workers closer by sharing a weekend together making a difference in the lives of a family. Bring a group of employees from your company, your small group or bring a group of families from your church… and build a home for a needy family in Tijuana or Ensenada, Mexico and also now in San Pedro, Dominican Republic.

You bring the labor; we’ll bring everything else.

  • Fantastic team-building event
  • “Hands on” participation – more than just writing a check, you build the home!
  • Live out your values
  • Create a sense of teamwork and unity
  • Become more aware and informed of the conditions/needs outside your ‘world’.

Each home build takes two full working days or a total of 16 hours. It takes approximately 15 people (ages 15 and older) to build a house. Family teams with children 14 and under can be larger going up to 25 total in size.

Build a Home with the Kerby and Cristina Team in 2024

As your luck would have it, the Kerby and Cristina Team is going to Ensenada, Mexico in 2024 to build homes for Homes of Hope and we would love if you could join us. If you are interested in learning more about going with us on this trip to build homes for those in need, please click the link below and Cristina will be in touch with you shortly! By filling out the form for more information, this is not a sign up, so you are not obligated once you fill this out. This is just a way for you to get more information and questions answered by Cristina.

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