Cute Turkey Handprint Craft For Kids

We’re so excited that Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We love everything about this time of year, from the cooler weather to spending time with family and of course, the delicious food.

Another great thing about Thanksgiving is all the time to do crafts like this turkey handprint craft.

These little turkeys are so cute and they make a great decoration for your Thanksgiving table!

Plus, they’re a fun way for kids to get involved in the holiday preparations. So grab some paper and some paint and let’s get started!

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thanksgiving hand turkey pinterest image

If you’ve never made any handprint art and crafts with your kids, you’re really in for a treat.

It’s such a great way to get your kids’ creativity flowing and work on things like fine motor skills without them having a clue they’re doing it!

Plus, they’ll be so proud when they’ve each made their own little turkey memento.

Turkey Handprint Supplies


handprint turkey craft for kindergarten image 1.jpg

CLICK HERE To Download and print the turkey template. Cut each piece out.

handprint turkey craft for kids image 2.jpg

Glue the light brown turkey belly onto the turkey’s body.

handprint turkey craft for preschool image 1.jpg

Glue the turkey beak to the middle of the turkey’s head.

handprint turkey craft for kids image 1.jpg

Secure the snood (the red piece) to the top, side of the turkey’s beak with glue.

handprint turkey craft for toddlers image 1.jpg

Glue the paper eyeballs or googly eyes to the turkey’s head, above the beak.

handprint turkey craft for elementary image 1.jpg

Glue the yellow feet onto each side of the bottom of the turkey’s body.

handprint turkey craft idea image 2.jpg

Trace your child’s hand onto the colored card stock of your choice (these will be the turkey’s feathers) and cut them all out.

handprint turkey craft idea image 3.jpg

Fan out the colored handprints out, then glue the completed turkey onto the handprints.

handprint turkey craft feature image 1

That’s it! Isn’t this the cutest handprint turkey craft ever?!

Now just sit back and admire the adorable turkey handprint characters your kids made!

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