St. Louis Park Market Update

St. Louis Park Condo & Townhouse Market Update There are 120 active condos and townhomes on the market today. There were 9 new listings, 3 pending, and 2 sold. So although things are moving slow in this area, they are still definitely moving and buyers are out there in St. Louis Park. It makes sense to see what happens over […]

We have a new niece!

Kerby’s sister, Kassie, and her husband Justin had their first baby, Nori Iris Song. She is an absolute beauty! Click on the video to watch her as she enjoys her first 6 hours of life.

How many distressed homes are there in Minnesota?

  Distressed homes – sold at discount – accounted for a 39 percent market share in February, up from 37 percent in January and 35 percent in February 2010. Forty-two percent of Minnesota’s homes on the market are distressed properties.  Bottom Line: Distressed properties have a major impact on house values in a marketplace. Where […]

Market Update 3.29.11

 The market is much of the same as we’ve experienced over the past months, of trying to compare a year-to-year difference when last year the tax credit incentives skewed the market and speeded up the timing for when buyers purchased homes. Finally things are setting down and since there are no buyer incentives from […]

We Think We’re Going to Believe Grandpa

There are those currently debating the financial advantages of owning a home. Some are looking at studies and reporting that homeownership has never really been a great investment. One of these people is Jack C. Francis, a former Federal Reserve economist and professor at Baruch College. He said in a recent CNBC article: “For generations, […]

Market Update

This past month, there were 3,082 pending homes, with an inventory of 23,794 homes on the market today in the Twin Cities. February median sales prices were at $142,500 throughout the Twin Cities in February – a drop of about 10.4% from this time last year, a number that is skewed by the tax credit […]

Will I Get More Money If I Wait?

Sellers in any real estate market are looking to get the best possible price. If you are looking to sell in the next year, today’s price may well be the best price. Home values stabilized somewhat in 2010. Many hoped that was a sign that values had bottomed out and we would see price appreciation […]

MERS: A MESS We Should Know About

The greatest hurdle standing in the way of a complete housing recovery is the backlog of distressed properties that must be liquidated. The banks must release these properties to the market in a controlled fashion. If released too quickly, they will crush house values. If released too slowly, the recovery will be further delayed. However, the control […]

Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Golden Valley Market Update

St. Louis Park Condo & Townhouse Market Update There are 121 active condos and townhomes on the market today. There were 5 new listings in the past 7 days and 1 home went pending. General Market Slow and steady is the word for the recovery in the housing market. Overall, we are better than this time last year. […]

Market Update

Golden Valley Market Update (Near Hampshire Park) There are 31 active single family homes on the market today. There were 2 new listings this past week, and 1 pending home (a bank-owned 5 bed/3 bath listed at $219,000) and none sold. I’m still trying to discern why the Golden Valley market seems to be going so […]