Twin Cities Market Update – December 20, 2011

 Today’s housing market is like Minnesota Golden Gophers sports. If football’s your game, it doesn’t look great and hasn’t for a number of years. If you’re a basketball fan, the results are positive even if you’re missing key inventory. If you’re into hockey, past glory appears to be on the horizon. It all depends on […]

Bob’s Bottom Line Mortgage Update – December 19, 2011

Earlier this morning the Commerce Department released their November Consumer Price Index statistics for November. The data showed inflation pressures on Main Street remain benign. The month-over-month rate of overall inflation was unchanged and the so called “core rate”, a value which excludes the more volatile food and energy prices, posted a modest 0.2% gain […]

Building a Future

Back in September, we helped an amazing family find the home of their dreams. They had stipulations of where they wanted to live so we narrowed down the home search and went to work finding them a great house! We looked at older homes to be renovated, we looked at newer homes, we looked at […]

Twin Cities Market Update – December 13, 2011

As another new year approaches, we find ourselves settling in for the holidays, which typically come with slowed real estate activity. In the first week of the full holiday shopping season, we saw sales increase. We’re talking about residential real estate, of course, although retail performed surprisingly well, too. Sellers listed fewer properties during the […]

Bob’s Bottom Line Mortgage Update – December 12, 2011

It appears today’s European Union has done little to convince global investors a plan is now in place sufficient to bring the euro-zone crisis to an end.  One analyst described the outcome from the summit as “a great leap sideways.”  Boiling this rather involved event down to its smallest denominator — I think it is […]

5 Holiday Hosting Disasters and How to Avoid Them!

By: on November 29,2011 Imagine you’re preparing to host your annual holiday party, and you’re past the point of no return. The veggies and meats have been bought. Guests are already braving busy airports and crowded highways to get to your home—and then your oven won’t turn on. Your home-cooked meal has quickly turned […]

Market Update December 6, 2011

Tryptophan and chatty in-laws were not able to curb the appetite of local home buyers, as purchase activity easily gobbled up last year’s levels. Sellers were apparently stuffed and lethargic, as they brought fewer new properties onto the market than during the same holiday week last year. As we approach the slowest time of year […]

Bob’s Bottom Line Mortgage Update – December 5, 2011

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to a thirty-six month low of 8.6% in November as companies stepped up hiring by adding 120,000 more workers to their payrolls. Sounds pretty good for the economy on its face – but a little sharper look at the details mutes the story just a bit. More than 300,000 people […]

Fish Lake Fun!

Back in August, I had the joy of helping a young couple buy their first home. I learned a lot about them and their preferences during our initial consultation, which led us to many great options. We pursued a couple different homes for a while, and had one snatched away  by another buyer before there […]

4 steps to buy again after foreclosure

Homeowners facing foreclosure seem to be desperate to buy again. Frequently, I receive letters from someone who hasn’t yet lost their home to foreclosure but anticipates they soon will, and wants to be able to get back into the market, quick-like. Many claim their haste is because they don’t want to miss out on today’s […]