Twin Cities Market Update – February 28, 2012

The week left yet another trail of evidence leading back to a housing market on the mend. This time, the encouraging signs were even less clandestine. Nationally, both new and existing home sales enjoyed improvements. Even some December numbers were upwardly revised. New home sales have real and noticeable impacts on GDP, thus generating jobs […]

Bob’s Bottom Line Mortgage Update – February 27, 2012

Sales of new single-family residences fell 0.9% in January, but an upward revision to the prior months’ data and a drop in the supply of properties on the market painted a picture of a housing sector beginning to show signs of finding a bottom. Demand is getting a boost as more homes become affordable. The […]

Congrats Drew & Kelly!

Drew and Kelly just bought this sweet little story and a half in South Minneapolis! Congrats to them on the new home! We had the privilege of helping Drew and Kelly because of a referral from past clients of ours, Greg and Tina Mohr, who we helped purchase a home in Golden Valley last year […]

Bob’s Bottom Line Mortgage Update – February 22, 2012

Commentary:Mortgage investors continue to deal with headlines from Greece and today those headlines are shaded towards the possibility that the long awaited financial rescue agreement will be in place before the end of the day on Monday. Investors will likely be hesitant to move mortgage interest rates lower as the long weekend approaches and negotiations […]

Twin Cities Market Update – February 21, 2012

The National Association of Homebuilders index recently rose to levels not seen since 2007. Historically, it’s been a great leading indicator of housing starts. We lead with this information because it is just the latest in a series of testimonials toward a market with some wind in its sails. In as few as four months, […]

7 Quick, Hot Design Tips From The International Builders’ Show

Original article By Erica Christoffer, multimedia Web producer, REALTOR® Magazine Looking for quick, easy ideas to bring a home to life, add value, or prep for sale without spending a lot? Learn from the pros! Designers who presented at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando last week had a plethora low-cost, chic ideas to make […]

6 Tips For Selling In Today’s Market

By Dian Hymer, Monday, February 13, 2012 for Inman News® Some homeowners have been waiting for years for a better  housing market and a good time to sell. Is it better to wait a few more years  and see if you can realize a higher sale price, or sell now and move on with  your […]

Twin Cities Market Update, February 14, 2012

It was a week full of intrigue if ever there was one. A positive jobs report gave way to bullish activity on Wall Street backed by heroics from the hometown team, as the Giants showcased their Manning(ham) magic. Meanwhile, dozens of state attorneys general brokered a deal that will likely include principal write-downs. In local […]

$26 Billion Dollar Deal Could Offer Homeowner Relief

The buzz is out! There may be some relief for people in foreclosure, and for those who are upside down on their mortgages. Most of the details and logistics aren’t out yet, so we’re still waiting on the: who, what, where, when answers… but until then, here is a great summary of what’s going on. […]

Where Are Rents Headed?

People are delaying the decision to buy a home because they are not sure where prices are headed. If they buy and prices continue to soften, they feel that they will not have purchased at the optimal moment. They reason that, if they sit and wait, they can’t be hurt. This thinking assumes that a […]