MP900427594When you’re getting ready to sell your property, you want to be able to get the best price possible for your home.  However, depending on how long you have lived at your current residence may require for you to invest some time and money into improvements.

Many sellers may become wary of taking the necessary time to help spruce up their home’s appearance due to the cost associated with upgrades.  Yet, simple improvements to a property can make a big difference and won’t always cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to accomplish.  Therefore, let’s some great ways to increase value and make the most impact:

Improve curb appeal: You can achieve this in various ways.  First, you can simply fill in empty spaces and add some drought resistant plants or shrubs to your landscaping.  Additionally, some flowers or potted plants near the front entrance can make a great first impression.  Adding a tree for additional shade and patching up a worn out lawn can work miracles to draw buyers in.

Space & Cleanliness: There is nothing worse to a buyer than a cluttered or unclean home.  Take the time to remove unnecessary items from your closets, clean out the garage or carport, remove clutter or toys from the living areas, and make your floors shine!  Your home needs to be staged in such a way that your buyers can visualize themselves living there.  The way that you decorate your walls and ceilings will also affect how your buyers perceive open space.

Aim for an earthy appearance: Many buyers appreciate materials and paint colors that tend to have more of an earthy appeal.  Each room will be different, so be sure to choose wisely.  Also, consider using ceramic tiles or wood flooring instead of carpets or linoleum.  Tiles in both the bathroom and/or kitchen could also make a huge difference

Change outdate items: This can be as simple as replacing some old light and sink fixtures, doors, handles, or even windows.  These items can greatly impact the price of a home and don’t always require huge amounts of investment.  Additionally, maybe a new coat of paint or trim is all you need to fix up an otherwise “old” appearance.

Ask an expert: Whether you need advice on decorating, how to improve energy efficiency, or would like to find some items that could use a little “TLC”, it could be worth a small one time investment to get another opinion.  This is a way to proactively make changes before you even consider listing your home.  And you may be able to even avoid bigger problems that could arise down the road.

Bathrooms & kitchen: Finally, if you are able to make the extra investment, two areas that have the biggest impact on price are your bathrooms and kitchen.  Whether this requires replacing the floors, sinks, tubs, fixtures or appliances, there are many ways that you can astronomically boost your home’s appeal by making improvements to these two key areas.

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