Dear friends and family,

We live in interesting times and it has been very interesting over the past few weeks with the COVID-19 virus. Our mission has always been to deliver a service that is exceptional, help each of our clients achieve their real estate goals. As a team, we sincerely care about you and want to make sure you have all you need to achieve optional results when buying or selling your home. And now, more than ever, we are seeing the value of community play out in real-time as we all begin to adjust to our new normal.

The COVID-19 virus and uncertainty are dominating the news cycle, and it may also be dominating your personal and professional conversations. Our team is actively implementing our response to this situation to continue serving our clients with virtual technologies such as virtual listing and buyer consultations, virtual showings, and virtual open houses. Our team has successfully helped clients virtually for over a decade buy or sell their homes.

We know we can only focus on what we can control, and we know that hundreds of our active buyers are in the market and need homes to buy. Please know that as your trusted real estate team, we are monitoring events in our local community, the nation and worldwide, and will send any updated protocol according to new information as needed. The recommendations and our new protocol have come from the public health authorities, including best practices for hygiene, infection control, and personal health. Our highest priority is to keep everyone as safe as possible while helping each client’s unique goals.

We draw on over 12 years of experience in helping our clients navigate through their real estate needs and have served over 3,000 happy clients and counting. During this time it is crucial to work with an experience and trusted real estate team to help you achieve your goals. The Kerby & Cristina Real Estate Experts are committed to serving your real estate needs, now and always.

If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to connect with you. You can reach us over the phone by calling 612-812-9262 or by emailing us at

Our Response to Covid-19

The COVID-19 virus is dominating the news cycle, and it must also be dominating your personal and professional conversations. Kerby & Cristina Real Estate Experts is no different. We are actively implementing our response to this situation while operating in an environment of considerable uncertainty.

We will continue to serve our clients at the highest level and provide you with solutions throughout this time to help achieve your real estate goals.

SellersCLICK HERE to download and view our updated listing protocol. If you are interested in scheduling a virtual consultation with one of our Listing Specialists, please click here:

Buyers, now is a great time to purchase a home with the historic low-interest rates. We are happy to hold a virtual homebuyer consultation with one of our Buyer Specialists. To schedule an appointment, please click here:

Virtual Transaction is our solution in conducting real estate at this time. CLICK HERE to learn more about this process.

Many of you have already reached out to ask a question, brainstorm an idea, or inquire if Kerby and Cristina Real Estate Experts has an action plan detailing steps to take during a crisis. We are honored by the outreach, and we are happy to help in any way we can. You are our friends, and we are here to help.

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