The three sister team of Tammy, Twilah and Tanya came to us looking to get into the home renovation business, and were looking to make their first home purchase for their new company. The competition was fierce and it took a few months of searching, but it wasn’t long before we came across the Oliver house that would soon be theirs. Finding the house was only half the battle. We soon began the arduous task of getting the house to closing! Due to some pretty frustrating miscommunication on the seller’s part, the close date continued to get pushed back week after week, with a number of unpleasant surprises popping up along the way. But Tammy and her sisters knew that we had a great deal on the line and it would all be worth it in the end. Finally, after hours and hours of hard work the papers were signed, sealed and delivered. “TNT Homes” had officially made it’s first home purchase!

I’m excited to see what you ladies do with the place. Congratulations!

Ryan Bunke

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