“The first time I met Anntonia, she pulled up to our office in a FUN bright yellow Camaro! I just knew Anntonia would be fun to work with! What was discovered in our first meeting was just how diligent she had been for years to increase her buying power. This would be her first home to own completely on her own and she was ready! We were set on finding the perfect townhome in Plymouth, Crystal, Brooklyn Park, or New Hope and we did just that! There was one small hiccup, which Annontia worked through with such grace. The belief that there are going to be bumps in our journey and that sometimes doors are shut and for others to be opened is purposeful. Josh Eyberg and Cullen Hundertmark, Expert Showing Agents on the team, played an important role in the home-buying process. Josh and Cullen enabled Anntonia to view the homes she desired with ease when I was not available. Anntonia loved that aspect of our team. Anntonia is a beautiful soul and someone to be considered a friend for life! I love that she chose me to be part of her home-buying journey! Thanks so much,  Anntonia!”

– KC Buyer Agent, Melissa Day

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