Michael Marchetti

Michael Marchetti

"We take risks every day in our lives small and large. From speeding on the highway to investing in yourself and buying a home, whatever the risk may be. Risk and fear are families. Sometimes, risk and fear influence you into not believing in your abilities or saving you from a disaster. This is part of life, the challenge is handling them. With experience, knowledge, tough skin, and keeping your head high, risk and fear can be some of your greatest assets. Buying a home can be nerve-racking and risky but together with me and the KC Team, we will turn this experience into a good one."

I grew up in Richfield MN, being a little redhead munchkin riding bikes with my friends. My father own rental properties, and he brought me around a lot which planted a seed for my interest in real estate. In fifth grade, we moved to Boca Raton, Florida where I was exposed to the beauties of Florida homes and found out what a real estate agent is. With new roots of interest beginning to sprout, we moved back to Richfield after a year. My love of homes was still there and when I was old enough, I would drive around the lakes of Minneapolis and look at the gorgeous homes. With life and different adventures in my career, I explored music management, teaching, and being a teller. Then, Covid came and it brought me to a first not seen opportunity which was changing my career path. I then chose to go down the path of being a real estate agent. With hours of education, studying, and asking realtors questions those roots grew stronger with the hopes of doing well in the competitive field of real estate.

My dream job would be… This right here. I hope to gain relationships and guide you to your home

My first job was… Working for my father at his rental properties. Painting, fixing sinks, anything and everything a 13-year-old can do.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me… With family and friends. I am all about community and having fun!

The best "unknown" restaurant I've been to is... Luna di Luna in Bloomington. It is a must, best believe.

My favorite food is... Anything and everything. Food is my passion

My favorite vacation spot is… The world, how can I choose one?


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