Jo Burr

Jo Burr

"Everyone has a story and a goal. Jo’s unique ability to “listen between the lines” has helped her to lead her clients to the results they are seeking quickly and efficiently. Establishing an understanding of what YOU want comes first. Then it is off to the races to make it happen. I love being the calming influence, while bringing out ninja negotiating skills when necessary, to lead clients through the many hoops involved in a real estate transaction. I look forward to walking with you from the beginning to the completion of your transaction!"

Jo grew up in Minnesota, then left for a few years to pursue a B.S. degree in Business Management from St. Francis University in Pennsylvania. Her work as a consultant in Washington DC led her to travel all over the US and a trip to Korea, including a visit to the DMZ! After a few years of DC life, Jo and her husband moved back to her home state of Minnesota. As a mom of 5 she is well aware of the excitement and sometimes stress of major family transitions. In addition to helping her clients move smoothly through the real estate world, she uses her creativity to work on a memoir, knit amazing sweaters, and attempt to outdo Martha Stewart in the kitchen! Jo lives in St. Paul with her husband, one kid left in the nest, and her corgi Stella.

My dream job would be… leading knitting retreats in a yurt every winter

My first job was… serving donuts at Guy's Bakery in St. Michael MN

When I’m not working, you’ll find me… hiking with family and friends, knitting or writing

The best “unknown” restaurant I’ve been to is… Food Smith

My favorite food is... cranberries

My favorite vacation spot is… Assateague Island in Maryland

Contact Jo: 651.308.6167  or Email Me