Today the FHA loan (a great product for first time buyers) requires a 3.5% down payment. If you look at the West Metro market right now, there are LOTS of 3 bedroom homes at or under $150k that you could snag. With your 3.5% down (roughly 5,000.00 at a $150,000 purchase price) you could be a home owner and have a monthly payment under $1,100 a month (including taxes and insurance).

What are you paying for rent right now?

With home prices the lowest they have been in 15-20 years, rates are about the lowest they have ever been and rents only seem to be going up… man what a time to be a buyer.

Here are 13 listings that are active that we like in the West Metro… give us a call to set up a showing. 612.812.9262

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