I met Barb when she signed up on our home search website, www.MinneapolisHomeViewer.com, contemplating the condo market. She had been commuting from Wisconsin for 9 years for her nursing job and she and Bill had started chatting about the possibility of buying a little condo where she could stay. All these years, she had been staying at her sister’s, and now she exclaims: “all of a sudden, we realized: “it’s been nine years!”

Barb says they had no intention of buying a place this soon, but since I gave her a call and started getting her list of customized condos that for her criteria, we soon found her a smoking deal. They made an offer, we negotiated and they had purchased it within a month. It’s a great little place that will suit Barb’s needs perfectly and also allow for flexibility for Bill with his contracting jobs, since he does beautiful tile and flooring work.

Thanks again, Bill and Barb, for choosing us as your realtors. We trust you will enjoy having your own place in the cities now

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