The time to get started is NOW!

If you’re one of the many homeowners who are planning to sell this spring, the time to prepare is right now. You’ll have lots of competition once spring hits and anything you can do to smooth the way now will put you way out in front of the rest of them. The Kerby and Cristina Real Estate Experts has some tips to help you hit the ground running this spring.

Have the home inspected

Sure, the buyer will have the home inspected, but why wait to find out about big items you’ll need to eventually fix? Have the home professionally inspected and get to work making the necessary repairs. Start with the small stuff – you know, those little repairs that we all have and we mean to get around to but never do. Fix items like the toilet that runs constantly, faucets that drip, missing faceplates or loose doorknobs and your home, unlike so many others you’ll be competing against, will be in a far better condition when it hits the market.

Get packing!

No, it’s not too early to start packing and a good place to begin is in the garage. Go through all those boxes you have stored out there, get rid of what you don’t want and pack away the rest for the move – in a rented storage unit. Pack up the interior of the home as well – anything you can remove from the home now will help rooms, closets, cupboards and drawers look roomier and it will make the decluttering and organizing process much easier.


We do our heavy cleaning in the spring for a reason – winter is brutal on the interior of a home. We buckle them up tight to keep out the elements but in doing so we trap all kinds of nasty odors and the mud and grime that we bring with us from the outdoors. As we get closer to spring it will be important to get rid of the smells by washing or dry cleaning everything that traps them. This includes curtains and drapes, mini-blinds, upholstered furniture and carpets. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders to make your home shine above all the others.

No hibernating allowed this winter for homeowners who hope to sell their homes in spring! Getting a head start over the winter will pay off with big dividends when the peak home buying season begins. We have lots of additional tips and tools we’d love to share with you! Let’s get this project started NOW before the spring rush starts. Call us today 612-812-9262!

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