Christenson - Abby & Justin (Rick & Deb)

I met Abby and Justin as they started their new home search together, wanting to make the transition from renting to owning. After getting out there to look at homes and missing a few opportunities, Abby and Justin’s endurance paid off and we found the perfect home in Bloomington that fit their needs and their dog!

Throughout the search, I was able to meet and get to know Abby’s parents, Rick and Deb, and everyone was beyond thrilled with the home we found for Abby and Justin to live in.
Now that Rick and Deb have a vested interest in the property, I hope everyone enjoys making this house feel like home and enjoying the fruits of the beautiful gardens!

Best of luck to you as you get to know your new, welcoming neighbors and continue on in your careers and life together!

Buyer’s Agent, Leah Powers

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