By Laura, Guest Blogger

It seems that nowadays, everyone has some sort of “i” in their life.  An iPhone, iPad, iPod, iBook, etc.  Those little buggers have infested our entire existence.  The most prevalent seems to be the iPhone.  I believe there are 46 different varieties out there now… maybe 47.  They all have one thing in common:  If you dunk them in water, the Apple warranty won’t cover the replacement/repair costs.

So what do you do if you drop your phone in the toilet, toss it overboard into the lake, or even just leave it in the bathroom during a steamy shower?  Whatever you do, don’t try to take it back to the Apple Store and pretend it had nothing to do with water.  The iPhone has four liquid submersion indicators inside that turn pink when they come into contact with water.  You can’t get anything past those shifty Apple “geniuses”.

Another thing you never want to do after submarining your iPhone is to plug it into a power source.  You’ll definitely destroy it for good trying that.  The best thing to do is get some packets of Silica gel, an incredibly moisture-absorbent substance.  If you’ve kept any packaging from electronics around the house, you may already have some.  If not, you can find it at craft stores (they use it to dry flowers) or even score some for free at an electronics store.

Put your wet phone into a plastic bag of silica packets, seal it and store it in a dry place for at least three days.  That should ensure that all moisture has been drawn out from the electronic innards.  If you can’t get any silica right away, toss your phone in a bag of rice and seal it up until you can grab some.  After this is done, you can connect your iPhone to your computer and do a complete restore.  This is the best chance of getting your phone back to its pre-drenched condition.  Good luck!  Until next time!

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