It’s no surprise, right? Inventory levels have been hovering around 2-3 months of inventory throughout the metro, while a “healthy” real estate market is usually closer to 4-6 months of inventory. Some sub-markets, especially in the lower price ranges, even have inventory levels of less than 1 month! As buyers take advantage of the warm weather and start their home search early, we’re finding that most sellers are not quite ready to list yet. The competition is fierce for those homes that are coming on the market now, especially if they are priced in the right strategic range, they sell even faster! When you work with our team, we specialize in helping you get your home ready to list in a reasonable time frame.

So, when there are teams like ours who list lots of homes, buyers seek opportunities for homes that are not yet on the market, hoping, that maybe, the perfect one will be coming for sale soon… and that maybe, just maybe, the sellers would be O.K. selling it to them pre-MLS rather than putting it on the market for a potential frenzy. There are pluses and minuses to this:

For buyers: It’s great! They get to pick if they like it and if they do, as long as they are paying what the sellers are asking for, or at least a fair price, then they get to buy their dream house without as much competition.

For sellers: The pros are that you don’t always have to do all the staging preparation and work to get the house ready as the right buyer may be willing to overlook little details in lieu of competition. Often, buyers may be willing to close when it’s convenient for the sellers. The cons are that you don’t get to test what the market could do. Sometimes, selling before the market is a great option if a buyer is willing to pay that top dollar for it. On other occasions, sellers prefer to test if the market could drive the price up further if they price it in the right brackets.

All to say, you will want expert advice from one of our agents as you are making decisions. As a team, we have dozens of sellers getting their homes ready to list, and we are always willing to work with the right parties to open up opportunities if they are the right fit for both parties! Here is a list of some of the homes we have coming soon – just reach out to us today if there’s one you are interested in!

3831 Minnesota-web
4420 Polaris-web
4465 Forestview-web
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8901 Oakview-web
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