I met Jamila & Shah back in February, and they are the sweetest couple. We had a great home buying consultation where we discussed their needs and wants in a home. They were looking to buy their first home and happened upon a competitive time for buyers looking in the $200k and below price range. But since I knew the market well, I did the best I could to help prepare them for this competition and to keep a long-term perspective that though we may need to try a few times, we would definitely find them the right house!

We ended up writing 12 offers, only to be beat out all 12 times … talk about challenging! But we didn’t lose hope and with hard work, persistence and our positive outlook, lucky offer #13 turned out to be the one that got accepted and they were thrilled! We found a beautiful townhome in a location central to life for their family. It took some time but we were determined to find them a place to call home.

I’m so happy for you and want to wish you the best as you settle into your new home. Congrats Jamila & Shah!

Expert Listing and Buyer’s Agent, Jenn Brenning

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