Miller - Johnny & Danielle

I met Johnny and Danielle through good friends that referred them to us. They were looking to be in a very specific geographical area because Johnny works for the fire department. They had just had an absolutely gorgeous little baby girl named Avery, who joined us as we searched for their new home. She was also present at the first consultation and at closing!

Johnny and Danielle went out a few times looking at houses and when we found their perfect home they knew it was theirs. It was beautifully updated, with an open floor plan. The house ended up getting into multiple offers, but we got it! The inspection showed a few things that needed work, and we were able to get the sellers to address the largest concerns. Now, Johnny and Danielle are owners of a beautiful home and they are exactly in the location they needed to be in.

Congratulations, we are so happy for you! We also look forward to continuing to help your family and friends get into great homes! Someday, we will help Avery buy her first home. 🙂

Cristina Edelstein-Skurat

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