Lindsay is a first time home buyer. I met her through a loan officer we know, Scott. Lindsay and I had a great home buyer consultation and set off to find her first home, one that she would feel comfortable affording but allow for growth and even roommates for a while.

We discussed locations and eventually found this wonderful Crystal place, a solid starter home. We negotiated one of the best prices in the area for her.  As a result of the inspection, we were also able to negotiate to have the seller pay for a one year Home Owner’s Warranty for Lindsay. This will give her such peace of mind as she re-fills her reserves after her home purchase! Lindsay also used a down payment assistance program, so she was able to get into home ownership with minimal funds of her own.

Lindsay, we are so happy for you and Scott and hope you enjoy your first home! Congratulations on being bold at your young age and maximizing the amazing opportunities for home ownership

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  1. Lindsay is our granddaughter and we are so proud of her, also. This is a huge undertaking, but knowing Lindsay, she will do very well. We hope to see her new home very soon.

    Gram and Grandpa

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