“Meeting Kalsang and Tenzin was a pure delight! Living in an apartment for an extended period of time, they had need for a move to a larger home so they could bring their mother to live with them. Kalsang and Tenzin had very specific needs regarding the direction the home faced. This brought with it a different challenge, yet a great learning experience in diversity. They had been searching for a home for over a year.

After taking a three week break from showings, we scheduled two properties to view. Upon the first showing, which topped my favorite list, I exited my vehicle and their little boy became so thrilled to see me, grabbed my hand, and hugged me. It felt as if I were part of their family that he loved and had not seen in a while. That put a smile on all of our faces and set the tone for the day. This is the day we found THE HOME! We did encounter a couple of bumps and losses in multiple offers along the way, yet when THE HOME that was meant to be their new family home came along, they stepped up, allowing me to use very strategic negotiation tactics to ensure this HOME would become theirs!

I am so grateful to have been a part of this journey with such a beautiful couple and family!”

KC Buyer Agent, Melissa Day

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