Our Sold Homes

Zoom in and out to check out all the different neighborhoods where we have sold homes!

5697 Green Circle Dr #323, Minnetonka
4525 7th St NE, Columbia Heights
6035 Cheshire Lane N, Plymouth
1605 Widgeon Circle, Centerville
14625 44th Avenue N, Plymouth
1008 Meadow Street, Cologne
4019 Beard Ave N, Robbinsdale
22290 Marie Avenue, Rogers
999 Sunny Ridge Dr, Carver
11515 62nd Avenue N, Plymouth
33xx County Rd 5, Isanti
1789 Hamline Ave N, Falcon Heights
6375 Maple Ridge Ln, Victoria
1017 Sunkist Pkwy, Brooklyn Park
2100 Dwight Ln, Minnetonka
11333 Jersey Ave N, Champlin
12990 57th Ave N, Plymouth
4372 Lexington Pointe Pkwy, Eagan
6055 Manchester Dr, Golden Valley
4165 Jansen Ave NE, Saint Michael
3857 24th Ave S, Minneapolis
553 French Ln, Dundas
9119 Louisiana Ave N, Brooklyn Park
4960 Comstock Ln N, Plymouth
2535 W Medicine Lake Dr, Plymouth
15540 56th Ave N, Plymouth
8831 91st Street S, Cottage Grove
2923 67th Ln N, Brooklyn Center
13280 39th Ave N, Plymouth
6906 Ives Ln N, Maple Grove
2445 Lakeview Rd, Victoria
7544 Woods Edge Blvd, Lino Lakes
2240 Ranchview Ln N #82, Plymouth
3106 Thurber Rd, Brooklyn Center
2334 Jonquil Ln N, Plymouth
8929 Partridge Rd, Saint Bonifacius
9219 Hampshire Ave N, Brooklyn Park
16705 19th Ave N, Plymouth
713 Charles Ct, Buffalo
13625 Washburn Ave S, Burnsville
10817 S Shore Dr, Plymouth
747 Edmund Ave, St Paul
3106 E 53rd St, Minneapolis
4090 Terraceview Ln N, Plymouth
4047 7th St NE, Columbia Heights
159 Hazel St N, Saint Paul
3149 Maryland Ave S, St Louis Park
9534 Woodlawn Ct N, Champlin
2815 Saddlebrook Cir, Minnetonka
1236 Landmark Trl S, Hopkins
7300 Cartisian Ave, Brooklyn Park
1861 Minnehaha Ave E, Saint Paul
8517 Northwood Pkwy, New Hope
61 Stevens St E, Saint Paul
4511 Chowen Ave S, Minneapolis
3302 Red Oak Cir N, Burnsville
6828 50th Ave N, Crystal
3225 Hillsboro Ave N, New Hope
822 Sherburne Ave, Saint Paul
18930 Blackfoot St NW, Oak Grove
3131 Excelsior Blvd #207, Minneapolis
7624 Wedgewood Ct N, Maple Grove
2808 67th Ln N, Brooklyn Center
9772 Ives Ln N, Maple Grove
1310 Ives Ln N, Plymouth
3420 Lakeside Dr, Mound
15655 24th Ave N #B, Plymouth
452 W Eagle Lake Dr, Maple Grove
3021 Louisiana Ave S, St Louis Park
2117 Minnehaha Ave E, Saint Paul
3621 Abbott Ave S, Minneapolis (Download Luxury Booklet)
3416 Orchard Ave N, Crystal
2704 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis
9007 Moorland Chase N, Brooklyn Park
5995 Black Oaks Ln N, Plymouth
7302 W 110th St, Bloomington
509 7th Ave S, Hopkins
12360 Butternut St NW, Coon Rapids
2674 148th St W, Rosemount
5151 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis
9958 Dell Rd, Eden Prairie
130 Wexford Heights Dr, New Brighton
3621 Abbott Ave S, Minneapolis
9139 Quantico Ln N, Maple Grove
1100 Winnetka Ave N, Golden Valley
4227 Yosemite Ave S,Saint Louis Park
120 Cedar Lake Rd N, Minneapolis
17820 58th Cir N, Plymouth
181 Cottonwood Dr, Vadnais Heights
3033 Wisconsin Ave N, Crystal
13846 84th Pl N, Maple Grove
5536 Sanibel Dr, Minnetonka
1360 Pierce Terrace NE,Columbia Heights
13865 Glazier Ct, Apple Valley
43562 Conifer St, Aitkin
5780 Peony Ct N, Plymouth
50515 Bayside Ave, Rush City
11636 Aster Pl, Woodbury
18088 Aztec St NW, Andover
4385 Lawndale Ln N, Plymouth
1153 Sturtevant St, Red Wing
Vacant Lot on Janett Ave NE,St. Michael
45 Albert St S #1, Saint Paul
7345 Lamont Cir NE, Otsego
821 Adams St, Anoka
7409 Queens Ave NE, Otsego
7801 45th 1/2 Ave N, New Hope
1900 Shenandoah Ct #F, Plymouth
2410 Upland Ln N #F, Plymouth
13848 Edgewood Ave, Savage
2605 Brookview Dr, Burnsville
5200 Hampton St NE, Prior Lake
1509 W 140th St, Burnsville
24410 Iceland Path, Lakeville
6895 Clayton Ave E, Inver Grove Heights
14355 4th Ave N, Plymouth
6022 Oliver Ave S, Minneapolis
2638 15th Ave S, Minneapolis
660 Roundhouse St, Shakopee
2930 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis
1721 Fulham St #G, Lauderdale
334 Wagner Way, Elko New Market
1311 104th Ave NW, Coon Rapids
1673 Brunswick Ave S, Saint Louis Park
4244 Washington St NE,Columbia Heights
12402 Midway Cir NE, Blaine
9623 Scott Ln N, Brooklyn Park
5509 Yucca Ln N, Plymouth
7808 Boone Ave N, Brooklyn Park
2720 Nathan Ln N, Plymouth
3419 Pilgrim Ln N, Plymouth
19 S 1st St #B301, Minneapolis
9488 Declaration Dr, Chanhassen
5072 Yuma Ln N, Plymouth
3859 Utah Ave N, New Hope
3361 Xenwood Ave S, St Louis Park
9508 Declaration Dr, Chanhassen
7606 Landau Dr, Bloomington
27061 Potomac St NE, Stacy
2520 Colfax Ave S, Minneapolis
2725 Garland Ln N, Plymouth
1104 Maplewood Dr, Delano
12735 42nd Pl N, Plymouth
815 Windemere Dr, Plymouth
25587 Pine Ridge Rd, Zimmerman
2330 Jonquil Ln N, Plymouth
4446 Wentworth Ave, Minneapolis
3648 White Pine Way, Stillwater
12240 48th Pl N, Plymouth
2821 Nevada Ave S, St Louis Park
6437 Quail Ave N, Brooklyn Center
10769 W River Road, Brooklyn Park
145 Main St NW, Bethel
804 Trenton Ln N, Plymouth
4270 Polaris Ln N, Plymouth
2825 Blackstone Ave S, Saint Louis Park
1160 Moers Dr, Chaska
6424 Willow Ln N, Brooklyn Center
4728 W Wind Trl, Eagan
4312 Abbott Ave N, Robbinsdale
6315 York Ave S #102, Edina
4025 Trenton Ln N, Plymouth
7406 Landau Dr, Bloomington
372 96th Lane NE, Blaine
33974 Polk St NE, Cambridge
5005 Ximines Ln N, Plymouth
1281 Arrowood Trl, Hudson
5011 Oliver Ave N
33560 Rochester St N, Cambridge
12260 24th Ave N, Plymouth
4480 Oak Chase Way, Eagan
3830 Harbor Ln N, Plymouth
12188 Dogwood St NW, Coon Rapids
4005 Quaker Lane N, Plymouth
3341 Utah Ave S, St. Louis Park
2613 Xenwood Ave S, St. Louis Park
10220 39th Ave N, Plymouth
6479 Marlowe Avenue NE, Otsego
9803 Belmont Ln, Eden Prairie
1508 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis
3830 Harbor Ln N, Plymouth
4654 Cedar Lake Rd S #6, St Louis Park
20 Windsor Ln #306A, New Brighton
1349 Saint Albans St N, Saint Paul
18096 Ely Ave, Farmington
18473 97th Pl N, Maple Grove
2405 Quinwood Ln N, Plymouth
1307 63rd Lane N, Brooklyn Center
7995 Palmgren Ave NE, Otsego
16813 90th Ct N, Maple Grove
477 W Eagle Lake Dr, Maple Grove
7010 19th St N #7, Oakdale
7341 Bren Ln, Eden Prairie
1172 138th St E, Rosemount
10825 57th Ave N, Plymouth
7261 Brian Dr NE, Centerville
917 Sims Ave, St Paul
5425 Provence Ln, White Bear Lake
9227 Rosewood Ln N, Maple Grove
523 S 9th St, #6, Minneapolis
315 Busch Terrace, Minneapolis
7750 47 1/2 Pl N, New Hope
915 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis
8904 Stanlen Rd, Saint Louis Park
2410 Ford Rd, Minnetonka
4612 Rosewood Ln N, Plymouth
18940 Quincy St NW, Elk River
2573 Mallard Dr, Woodbury
4920 Quaker Ln N, Plymouth
1435 Bethesda Cir, Chanhassen
4581 Cinnamon Ridge Trl, Eagan
425 Magnolia Ln N, Plymouth
715 Cottonwood Ln N, Plymouth
13002 Taylor St NE, Blaine
5255 Jewel Ln N, Plymouth
3531 Filmore St NE, Minneapolis
311 Pleasant Ave #404, St Paul
14249 410th St, North Branch
14968 Xylite St NE, Ham Lake
4738 Narvik Dr, Eagan
10656 Pond Curv, Woodbury
6036 Eden Prairie Rd, Minnetonka
19015 Radford St,Minnetonka
2210 Oakview Ln N, Plymouth
9226 Sycamore Ln N, Maple Grove
540 110th Ave NW, Coon Rapids
14510 18th Ave N, Plymouth
15665 24th Ave N #H, Plymouth
19201 Beroun Ave, Pine City
1085 Meadow St, Cologne
229 S Chestnut St, Ellsworth
3833 Conroy Trl, Inver Grove Heights
247 Winkler Trail, Cologne
14405 47th Ave N, Plymouth
3210 Pilgrim Ln N, Plymouth
7118 Morgan Ave N, Brooklyn Center
11340 36th Pl N, Plymouth
1145 Idaho Ave W, Saint Paul
11322 Aberdeen Cir NE #D, Blaine
8517 Oakview Way N, Maple Grove
14008 53rd Avenue N, Plymouth
5768 Trenton Ln, Plymouth
6415 W Shadow Lake Dr, Lino Lakes
13070 Ottawa Cir, Savage
31157 Cedar Ridge Dr, Lindstrom
40108 Hastings St NE, Stanchfield Twp
6341 Quebec Ave N, Brooklyn Park
16455 15th Ave N, Plymouth
4232 Polk St NE, Columbia Heights
2206 Reaney Ave E, Saint Paul
4442 Bluebell Trl S, Medina
7819 Quincy St NE, Spring Lake Park
1029 Smetana Rd #8, Hopkins
18310 32nd Ave N, Plymouth
12987 Carole Dr SE, Becker
1499 Clemson Ct, Eagan
1309 139th St W, Burnsville
16591 Five Hawks Ave SE, Prior Lake
6137 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis
1005 Shoreline Dr, Waverly
3428 Walden Dr, Woodbury
3026 Leeward Way, Little Canada
2437 Timberlea Cir, Woodbury
2850 Norwood Ln N, Plymouth
664 Hall Ave, St Paul
8402 122nd Ave N, Champlin
16445 15th Ave N, Plymouth
13300 55th Pl N, Plymouth
2952 Drew Ave N, Robbinsdale
2906 53rd Ave N, Brooklyn Center
3925 – 3927 Oregon Ave N, New Hope
518 Schilling Cir NW, Forest Lake
3024 305th Ave NW, Isanti
4224 Salem Ave, Saint Louis Park
305 Greystone Ave N, Oakdale
4610 Vinewood Ln N, Plymouth
11183 16th St NE, Saint Michael
8889 Knollwood Dr, Eden Prairie
16625 60th Pl N, Plymouth
3630 Northome Ave, Wayzata
3315 Olive Ln N, Plymouth
3518 142nd Ln NW, Andover
4605 Alvarado Ln N, Plymouth
7064 Springhill Cir, Eden Prairie
1330 Grand St NE, Minneapolis
5504-5506 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis
4401 89th St NE, Monticello
8017 33rd Pl N, Crystal
4720 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis
1413 Brooks Ave W, Roseville
7141 Yorktown Ln N, Maple Grove
14110 Knollway Dr N, Minnetonka
5755 Yucca Ln N, Plymouth
2741 Virginia Ave N, Minneapolis
5615 Annette Ave E, Inver Grove Heights
10215 38th Ct N, Plymouth
6639 84th Court N, Brooklyn Park
3536 Glenhurst Ave S, St Louis Park
6353 209th St N Forest Lake
3050 Shields Dr #102, Eagan
1551 Euclid St, St Paul
2437 Flag Ave S, St Louis Park
8832 Chicago Ave S, Bloomington
28449 Three Mile Road, Danbury, WI
18500 Timber Ridge Dr, Minnetonka
9149 Overlook Ln, Champlin
16625 52nd Avenue N, Plymouth
8 Westwood Road, Minnetonka
3815 Deerwood Lane N, Plymouth
14550 40th Pl N, Plymouth
5324 Kentucky Ave N, Crystal
4111 Parker Green, Robbinsdale
13688 94th AVE N, Maple Grove
805-807 Elm Creek Cir N, Champlin
18108 Jarl Ct, Lakeville
4894 Royale Trl, Eagan
XXX 150th St, McGrath
13600 61st Ave N, Plymouth
175 County Rd B2 E, #313,Little Canada
2005 Nokomis Avenue, Saint Paul
1022 22nd Ave NE, Minneapolis
750 County Rd F West, #F, Shoreview
849 Birch St S, Cambridge
8767 N Maplebrook Cir,Brooklyn Park
7929 South Bay Curve, Eden Prairie
2280 Mohawk Road E, North Saint Paul
1929 Warbler Ln, Saint Paul
3225 Blackstone Ave, St Louis Park
958 Pond View Court, Vadnais Heights
2223 Bayard Ave, St Paul
3846 Fremont Avenue N, Minneapolis
1656 Mark Ct, Shakopee
7339 Grand Ave S, Richfield
9043 Underwood Lane N, Maple Grove
6227 Clinton Ave S , Richfield
101 Manitoba Ave, St. Paul
3026 Utah Ave N, Minneapolis
6690 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park
412 Egret Blvd NW, Coon Rapids
4716 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis
4720 Columbus Ave, Minneapolis
11330 36th Place N , Plymouth
6432 Oakwood Rd, Woodbury
16061 57th Cir NE , St. Michael
4516 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis
4258 Elliot Ave , Minneapolis
1757 Canvasback Ln, Eagan
10924 Sumter Ave N, Champlin
225 Niagara Ln N , Plymouth
13585 Crownline Dr NE, Prior Lake
N5622 530th St, Ellsworth
9655 Linden Ln N, #204, Brooklyn Park
8430 Egret Court, Chanhassen
1425 Horseshoe Cir, Eagan
1130 80th Ave NE, Spring Lake Park
6725 Yukon Ave N, Brooklyn Park
4045 Trenton Ln N, Plymouth
906 Trenton Ln N, Plymouth
10348 Upton Ave S, Bloomington
1591 Montreal Ave, St. Paul
4120 Hemlock Ln N, Plymouth
5517 E Bavarian Pass, Fridley
9608 Ximines Ln N, Maple Grove
4607 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis
4304 Boone Ave N, New Hope
24563 22nd Ave, St Cloud
7500 Welcome Ave N, Brooklyn Park
4849 Hampshire Ave N, Crystal
121 Washington Avenue S #915, Minneapolis
2720 Brockton Ln N, Plymouth
4748 Hampshire Ave N, Crystal
4920 Underwood Ln N #F, Plymouth
10870 57th Ave N, Plymouth
10206 Berkshire Rd, Bloomington
1500 Sugarloaf Trail, Brooklyn Park
129 19th Ave N, Hopkins
16859 Illinois Ave, Lakeville
5921 Lyndale Ave N, Brooklyn Center
5330 Georgia Ave N, Crystal
2641 York Ave N, Robbinsdale
1553 Linner Road, Minnetonka
5082 Arrowood Ln N, Plymouth
1522 Minnehaha Ave W, St. Paul
866 Regent Dr, Shakopee
10359 Zinran Cir, Bloomington
2917 Edgewood Ave S, St. Louis Park
6233 Maryland Ave N, Brooklyn Park
4056 Glacier Ln N, Plymouth
753 121st Ln NE, Blaine
1300 123rd Dr NE, Blaine
7737 Riverdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park
7737 Riverdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park
7737 Riverdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park
5836 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center
1300 123rd Dr NE, Blaine
8826 N Maplebrook Ct, Brooklyn Park
7704 Plymouth Ave N, Golden Valley
9000 Dupont Ave S, Bloomington
11961 Pendleton Ct, Eden Prairie
26475 Quagga St NW, Zimmerman
5070 Evergreen Ln N, Plymouth
3826 Zane Ave N, Crystal
177 Cardinal Ln, Clearwater
9909 Washburn Ave S, Bloomington
805 Southcross Dr E, Burnsville
1940 Wisconsin Ave N, Golden Valley
9237 Olive Ln N, Maple Grove
13925 40th Ave N, Plymouth
4633 Parkcliff Dr, Eagan
3224 Edgewood Ave N, Crystal
14910 38th Avenue N, Plymouth
510 Harrison Ave, North Mankato
15101 Williams Lane, Minnetonka
(LOT) Clinton Falls Twp, Medford
1801 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis
264 96th Lane NE, Blaine
12380 Drake St NW , Coon Rapids
3104 Florida Ave S, St. Louis Park
6119 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center
6921 Dawson Ln, Edina
17362 River Birch Pl, Prior Lake
14415 4th Ave N, Plymouth
4813 E Upland Crest,Columbia Heights
1209 Independence Ave, Champlin
2767 Upland Ln N, Plymouth
1206 162nd Ave NW, Andover
1070 Humboldt Ave, West St. Paul
8230 17th Avenue S, Bloomington
4701 Lakeview Ave N,Brooklyn Center
6517 E Fish Lake Rd, Maple Grove
1819 Karis Way, Eagan
13144 9th Ave S, Zimmerman
16950 N Manor Rd, Eden Prairie
2137 Cedar Grove Trl, Eagan
4201 Sunset Dr #N518, Spring Park
1690 Reaney Ave, Saint Paul
5518 Humboldt Cir, Minneapolis
6708 51st Pl N, Crystal
11217 Old Rockford Rd, Plymouth
2904 W Armour Terrace, St Anthony
18040 Kent St NW, Elk River
10210 S Shore De, Plymouth
2716 Boone Ave N, New Hope
2620 Cedar Ave, White Bear Lake
11789 Red Fox Dr, Maple Grove
4663 Pine Cone Cir, Eagan
18968 67th Ave N, Maple Grove
222 W 5th St, Chaska
3445 Pilgrim Ln N, Plymouth
7911 S Bay Curve, Eden Prairie
78 10th St E, #2109, St Paul
3829 Aldrich Ave S, Minneapolis
6420 W Shadow Lake Dr, Lino Lakes
12405 43rd Ave N, Plymouth
5148 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis
12956 Nicollet Ave #101, Burnsville
1029 N 7th St, Mankato
15650 68th Pl N, Maple Grove
8151 33rd Ave S #301, Bloomington
4524 82nd Ave N, Brooklyn Park
5812 Logan Ave S, Minneapolis
3725 Archer Ln N, Plymouth
7110 W 23rd St, St. Louis Park
121 4th St W, Carver
9427 Niagara Ln N, Maple Grove
3845 Orchid Lane N, Plymouth
722 Orange Ave E, Saint Paul
5921 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center
8433 62nd Ave N, New Hope
8000 40th Ave N, New Hope
7080 Springhill Cir, Eden Prairie
17991 Natchez Ave, Prior Lake
530 Niagara Ln N, Plymouth
597 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul
2713 Georgia Ave S, St. Louis Park
3434 Willow Ave, White Bear Lake
3320 Louisiana Ave #303, St Louis Park
1225 Ferndale St N, #B20, Maplewood
101 Olive St E #2, Stillwater
3720 Ximines Ln N, Plymouth
8622 Poplar Bridge Curve, Bloomington
1600 Jersey Ave S, St Louis Park
856 Euclid St, Saint Paul
5000 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis
31 103rd Ave NW, Coon Rapids
2931 Rhode Island Ave, Saint Louis Park
6040 Annapolis Ln N, Plymouth
3620 Rosewood Lane N, Plymouth
13942 52nd Ave N, Plymouth
16651 Windsor Ln SE, Prior lake
15945 37th Ave N, Plymouth
15927 18th Pl N, Plymouth
9075 Merrimac Ln N, Maple Grove
10449 Abbott Avenue S, Bloomington
8432 Sheridan Ave N, Brooklyn Park
17167 Eagleview Way #117, Farmington
413 Rhode Island Ave N, Golden Valley
9804 Cupola Ln, Eden Prairie
1725 Garland Ln N, Plymouth
4112 Nancy Pl, Shoreview
4545 Ranchview Ln N, Plymouth
10710 34th Ave N, Plymouth
17732 68th Pl N,Maple Grove
2360 Ives Ln N, Plymouth
1906 54th St W, Minneapolis
1X Kaiser Ave, Medicine Lake
5784 Robin St, Shoreview
5448 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center
6409 Xylon Ave N, Brooklyn Park
3421 Elm Creek Dr, Medina
9099 Larch Ln N, Maple Grove
1125 Goldenrod Ln N, Plymouth
5234 Welcome Ave N, Crystal
5602 Regent Ave N, Crystal
10301 Cedar Lake Road, #319, Minnetonka
2540 Zealand Ave N, Golden Valley
2425 Upland Ln Unit G, Plymouth
1045 Baldwin Dr, Apple Valley
1606 Greeley Ave N, Glencoe
14525 12th Ave N, Plymouth
3709 Orchard Ave N, Robbinsdale
4548 Cedar Lake Rd #1, St. Louis Park
13823 85th Ave N, Maple Grove
2700 Oakview Ln N, Plymouth
5532 35th Ave S, Minneapolis
2610 Garfield Ave #211, Minneapolis
510 8th Ave SE, Isanti
5124 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park
1200 Dunkirk Ln N, Plymouth
6316 Lynwood Blvd, Mound
178 Arion St E, West Saint Paul
12405 43rd Ave N, Plymouth
5401 Oliver Ave N, Brooklyn Center
13445 Ximines Ln N, Champlin
3928 Elliot Ave, Minneapolis
14007 Yellow Pine St NW, Andover
5430 Vinewood Ln N, Plymouth
7471 110th St W, Bloomington
529 Sherburne Ave, St. Paul
8825 Bryant Ave S, Bloomington
5135 Williston Rd, Minnetonka
2900 University Ave SE #510, Minneapolis
2400 Byrd Ave N, Golden Valley
12137 Malisa Ct, Rogers
2800 Hillsboro Ave N #120, New Hope
1336 Quebec Ave N, Golden Valley
4405 Shorewood Trl, Medina
3520 E Medicine Lake Blvd, Plymouth
5023 Westmill Rd, Minnetonka
15008 Gleason Lake Dr, Plymouth
2818 18th Ave N, Minneapolis
11940 44th Ave N, Plymouth
4144 Wildwood Dr NE, Ham Lake
331 Ramsey St, Saint Paul
5405 Union Terrace Ln N, Plymouth
9081 Zinnia Ln N, Maple Grove
7747 Madelyn Creek Dr, Victoria
10212 Berkshire Rd, Bloomington
6817 Markwood Dr N, Crystal
1761 Valders Ave N, Golden Valley
12125 Malisa Ct, Rogers
9945 42nd St NE, St. Michael
5736 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Center
8074 Norwood Ln N, Maple Grove
17515 45th Ave N, Plymouth
13803 Atwood Ave #1705, Rosemount
15645 25th Pl N #H, Plymouth
5130 Cottonwood Ln N, Plymouth
15200 Elm Rd, Maple Grove
2659 Meridian Dr, Robbinsdale
2557 Oregon Ave S, St. Louis Park
15805 24th Ave N #D, Plymouth
7821 W 110th St, Bloomington
8887 Partridge Rd, St Bonifacius
12741 Portland Ave S, Burnsville
12518 Sunset Trl, Plymouth
11725 41st Ave N, Plymouth
3826 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis
2712 Ensign Cir, New Hope
6321 Corvallis Ave N, Crystal
12330 Grouse St NW, Coon Rapids
5010 Jonquil Ln N, Plymouth
14883 45th AveN, Plymouth
13817 54th Ave N, Plymouth
5034 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis
9883 Balmoral Ln, Eden Prairie
9084 Sycamore Ln N, Maple Grove
11105 51st Ave N, Plymouth
317 Evergreen St W, Vermillion
10600 43rd Ave N #203, Plymouth
4880 Narcissus Ln N, Plymouth
3817 Halifax Ave N, Robbinsdale
14955 Overlook Dr, Savage
4048 6th St NE, Columbia Heights
7930 59 1/2 Ave N, New Hope
501 122nd Ave NE, Blaine
1625 Meadow Pl, Shakopee
3320 Louisiana Ave S #305, St Louis Park
16358 Crosstown Blvd NW, Andover
2312 E 35th St, Minneapolis
11386 84th Ave N, Maple Grove
7144 Newton Ave S, Richfield
1714 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis
8930 Burns Pkwy, Nowthen
9775 Jackson St NE, Blaine
14464 87th St NE, Otsego
3833 Hampshire Ave N, Crystal
540 Roundhouse St, Shakopee
11710 44th Ave N, Plymouth
12025 26th Ave N, Plymouth
4717 Nevada Ave N, New Hope
14060 37th Ave N, Plymouth
715 49th Ave NE, Columbia Heights
14406 Tonkadowns Dr, Minnetonka
12125 29th Ave N, Plymouth
2510 Teakwood Ln N, Plymouth
5130 Larch Ln N, Plymouth
460 Upland Ln N, Plymouth
3031 Vincent Ave N, Robbinsdale
5648 41st Ave S, Minneapolis
4123 Parker Green, Robbinsdale
11920 54th Ave N, Plymouth
6115 Lincoln Dr #250, Edina
1214 Lowry Ave #305, Minneapolis
4375 Polaris Ln N,Plymouth
3033 Bronson Dr, Mounds View
2853 Edgewood Ave S, St. Louis Park
3925 Utah Ave N, New Hope
1936 Crown Point Dr, Mendota Heights
4910 Kirkwood Ln N, Plymouth
12725 27th Ave N, Plymouth
11289 84th Pl N, Maple Grove
2324 Jonquil Ln N, Plymouth
5570 Quinwood Ln N, Plymouth
1022 26th Ave SE, Minneapolis
8624 Washburn Ave S, Bloomington
9161 Archer Ln N Maple Grove
2617 103rd Ave NW, Coon Rapids
1151 Trailwood N, Hopkins
3405 Elm Creek Dr, Medina
419 67th Ave N, Brooklyn Center
12525 26th Ave N, Plymouth
10970 43rd Ave N, Plymouth
1805 Hampshire Ln N, Golden Valley
13927 54th Ave N, Plymouth
6065 Annapolis Ln N, Plymouth
5417 Bass Lake Rd, Crystal
12320 28th Pl N, Plymouth
3232 Hamline Ave N, Arden Hills
9097 Sycamore Ln N, Maple Grove
4115 York Ave S, Minneapolis
8017 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park
13309 34th Ave N, Plymouth
9006 Kagan Ave NE, Otsego
14070 37th Pl N, Plymouth
3640 Georgia Ave N, Crystal
7104 Heatherton Trl, Edina
3241 Independence Ave N, New Hope
5713 Rhode Island Ave N, Crystal
2506 Jefferson St NE, Minneapolis
3830 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis
3420 Placer Ave, Anoka
4701 Georgia Ave N, Crystal
3014 E 26th St, Minneapolis
11283 49th Ave N, Plymouth
5951 3rd St NE, Fridley
3623 St Francis Way #D, Eagan
15110 38th Ave N, Plymouth
3095 Zircon Ln N, Plymouth
4552 Niagara Ln N, Plymouth
18720 30th Ave N, Plymouth
15451 70th Ave N, Maple Grove
14105 36th Ave N, Plymouth
14904 95th Pl N, Maple Grove
13538 89th Pl N, Maple Grove
236 E Arion St, West St. Paul
4201 Lakeside Ave N #115, Brooklyn Center
8334 Cedarview Cir, Savage
6400 Grand Ave S, Richfield
3000 Raleigh Ave S #210, St. Louis Park
3131 Texas Ave S, St.Louis Park
15541 68th Pl N, Maple Grove
1109 Rhode Island Ave N, Golden Valley
4620 Terraceview Ln N, Plymouth
3817 Unity Ave N, Robinsdale
10205 32nd Ave N, Plymouth
3620 Zinnia Ln N, Plymouth
12824 3rd Ave N, Zimmerman
14075 36th Ave N, Plymouth
3912 E 55th St, Minneapolis
18635 33rd Pl N, Plymouth
7639 Harold Ave, Golden Valley
3255 Indiana Ave N, Robbinsdale
462 Ford Rd #102, St. Louis Park
2247 Longhorn Ln, Buffalo
450 Ford Rd #130, St. Louis Park
14025 39th Ave N, Plymouth
7870 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park
2001 Southcross Dr W #603, Burnsville
3535 Hillsboro Ave N, New Hope
3331 Zinran Ave S, St. Louis Park
117 Zachary Ln N, Plymouth
1115 Evergreen Ln N, Plymouth
6065 Cheshire Ln N, Plymouth
25100 Dahle Ave, Faribault
4350 Trenton Ln N #103, Plymouth
250 Berkshire Ln N, Plymouth
1609 1st St SW, New Brighton
1295 Sycamore Ln N, Plymouth
9232 Loch Lomond Ct, Brooklyn Park
1125 Woodlake Ln #1, Richfield
walton 17770 58th Cir N, Plymouth
walton 17788 58th Cir N, Plymouth
2848 39th Ave S, Minneapolis
Walton 17810 58th Cir N, Plymouth
2832 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis
4019 Beard Ave N, Robbinsdale
8925 Trinity Gardens N, Brooklyn Park
7001 Idaho Ave N, Brooklyn Park
3980 Niagara Ln N, Plymouth
10819 South Shore Dr, Plymouth
12805 58th Ave N, Plymouth
4270 Ximines Ln N, Plymouth
Windom 17782 58th Cir N, Plymouth
1490Kingsview 1490 Kingsview Ln N, Plymouth
10035 Russell Ave N #11, Brooklyn Park
2584 Alabama Ave, St Louis Park
2722 Ulysses St NE, Minneapolis
3320 Louisiana Ave S #103, St Louis Park
17580hackberry 17580 Hackberry Ct, Eden Prairie
14241-43rd 14241 43rd Ave N, Plymouth
2566 Ellis Avenue #124, St Paul
4510 Ximines Ln N, Plymouth
Walton 17800 58th Cir N, Plymouth
Walton 17752 58th Cir N, Plymouth
620 Willoughby Way W, Minnetonka
14017 51st Ave N, Plymouth
300quaker 300 Quaker Ln N, Plymouth
517 105th Ln NW, Coon Rapids
817 Spruce St, Farmington
10905 45th Ave N, Plymouth
3000edgewood 3000 Edgewood Ave S, St. Louis Park
450 Ford Rd #126, Minneapolis
3855 6th St N, Minneapolis
704 10th St NW, Buffalo
3921Bassett 3921 Bassett Creek Dr, Golden Valley
2000 Kimberly Ln N, Plymouth
14905-60th 14905 60th Ave N, Plymouth
11470-42nd 11470 42nd Ave N, Plymouth
5770Peony 5770 Peony Ct N, Plymouth
MCV 17746 58th Cir N, Plymouth
6361able 6361 Able St NE, Fridley
423decatur 423 Decatur N, Golden Valley
13476-91st 13476 91st Pl N, Maple Grove
4630goldenrod 4630 Goldenrod Ln N, Plymouth
12143-85th 12143 85th Ave N, Maple Grove
3561cohansey 3561 Cohansey St, Shoreview
8405julianne 8405 Julianne Ter, Golden Valley
Windom1822558th 17764 58th Cir N, Plymouth
MCV 17755 58th Cir N, Plymouth
8545-121st 8545 121st Ave N, Champlin
MCV 17776 58th Circle N, Plymouth
1715Garland 1715 Garland Ln, Plymouth
1405dunkirk 1405 Dunkirk Ln N, Plymouth
6375upper13th 6375 Upper 13th St N, Oakdale
6221trinity 6221 Trinity Dr NE, Fridley
5475Rowland 5475 Rowland Rd, Minnetonka
4044regent 4044 Regent Ave N, Robbinsdale
17805-58th 17805 58th Cir N, Plymouth
MCV 17740 58th Circle N, Plymouth
3713quail 3713 Quail Ave N, Robbinsdale
MCV 17728 58th Circle N, Plymouth
12205-28th 12205 28th Place N, Plymouth
MCV 17734 58th Circle N, Plymouth
5780Peony 5780 Peony Ct N, Plymouth
5316-47th 5316 47th Ave N, Crystal
7511Yates 7511 Yates Ln N, Brooklyn Park
7712Plymouth 7712 Plymouth Ave N, Golden Valley
11849-83rd 11849 83rd Ter N, Maple Grove
5760Peony 5760 Peony Ct N, Plymouth
15733-50th 15733 50th Ave N, Plymouth
2830weston 2830 Weston Ln N, Plymouth
8808Norway 8808 Norway St NW, Coon Rapids
14745-51st 14745 51st Ave N, Plymouth
7462vinewood 7462 Vinewood Ln N, Maple Grove
5035holly 5035 Holly Ln N #2, Plymouth
new4655Lanewood 4655 Lanewood Ln N, Plymouth
kc14-035-5800 Parcel ID – 14.035.5800, Waterville
8400Northwood2.1 8400 Northwood Pkwy, New Hope
17825-58th 17825 58th Cir N, Plymouth
MCV 17830 58th Cir N, Plymouth
5930Lawndale 5930 Lawndale Ln N, Plymouth
1325Everest 1325 Everest Ln N, Plymouth
4066 Yosemite Ave S, St. Louis Park
>3516Perry 3516 Perry Ave N, Crystal
3015Kilmer 3015 Kilmer Ln N, Plymouth
17820-58th 17820 58th Cir N, Plymouth
8357Sheridan 8357 Sheridan Ave N, Brooklyn Park
14105-55th 14105 55th Ave N, Plymouth
2800Edgewood 2800 Edgewood Ave S, St. Louis Park
5420Sycamore 5420 Sycamore Ln N, Plymouth
1640Highway36 1640 Highway 36 W, #236, Roseville
11930-205th 11930 205th St E, Hastings
6025-comstock 6025 Comstock Ln N, Plymouth
MCV 17815 58th Circle N, Plymouth
2410Upland 2410 Upland Ln N #G, Plymouth
5800Orchard 5800 Orchard Ave N, Crystal
15614Dwellers 15614 Dwellers Way, Apple Valley
2932Hampshire 2932 Hampshire Ave S, St. Louis Park
3837-15th 3837 15th Ave S, Minneapolis
6241Zealand 6241 Zealand Ave N, Brooklyn Park
17835-58th 17835 58th Cir N, Plymouth
4225France 4225 France Ave S, Minneapolis
8301Creekside 8301 Creekside Cir #310, Bloomington
1655Penn 1655 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis
500Grant 500 Grant St E #2603, Minneapolis
3241Libby 3241 Libby Ln, Vadnais Heights
3300bryant 3300 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis
1044Marshall 1044 Marshall Ave, St. Paul
6020Minnetonka 6020 Minnetonka Blvd, St. Louis Park
18028Kent 18028 Kent St NW, Elk River
14276Estates 14276 Estates Ave, Apple Valley
3249Halifax 3249 Halifax Ave N, Robinsdale
2490-119th 2490 119th Ct NE, #E, Blaine
41Baker 41 Baker St E, St. Paul
10925-45th 10925 45th Ave N, Plymouth
4038Vincent 4038 Vincent Ave, Minneapolis
5015Holly 5015 Holly Ln N #4, Plymouth
212Saratoga 212 Saratoga Ln, Plymouth
4825Oakview 4825 Oakview Ln N, Plymouth
10701Aquila 10701 Aquila Ave S, Bloomington
4923Morgan 4923 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis
MCV 5745 Peony Ct N, Plymouth
4805Quaker 4805 Quaker Ln N, Plymouth
5010Zachary 5010 Zachary Ln N, Plymouth
8901Oakview 8901 Oakview Ln N, Maple Grove
10930-34th 10930 34th Ave N, Plymouth
8132-2nd 8132 2nd Ave S, Bloomington
5775Peony 17900 58th Cir N, Plymouth
5712Sumter 5712 Sumter Ave N, Crystal
6016Concord 6016 Concord Ave, Edina
6111Aztec 6111 Aztec Trail, North Branch
13716Wellington 13716 Wellington Cres E, Burnsville
16709-50th 16709 50th Court N, Plymouth
4420Polaris 4420 Polaris Ln N, Plymouth
Windom1822558th 18225 58th Ave N, Plymouth
1014-13th 1014 13th St E, Glencoe
5709Oregon 5709 Oregon Ct N, Crystal
MCV 17840 58th Cir N, Plymouth
2716Florida 2716 Florida Ave S, St Louis Park
15710-49th 15710 49th Ave N, Plymouth
16826Enfield 16826 Enfield Way, Lakeville
4980Garland2 4980 Garland Ct N #F, Plymouth