SojakHomeTom and Lynn are a wonderful couple who just moved here from Ohio. Their main motivation was to be close to their nine-month old beautiful little granddaughter in Longfellow. They also have other family members in St. Paul. They knew they wanted to be in South Minneapolis and we especially focused on Linden Hills. For work, Tom sells the best quality spray foam insulation, so having a house that was filled with quality and the appropriate insulation was important to him. Even though we saw many new homes, they were not the right fit so we walked away from those. Then we came across the very custom-built home they purchased on York. It had a wonderful kitchen and several wonderful features. The screened in porch in the back is amazing, and they plan to convert it to a fourth season porch.

Tom and Lynn, it has been wonderful getting to know you and to have the privilege of helping you make the move closer to your family! I hope moving in and getting settled goes well and you enjoy babysitting your granddaughter.

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