I first met with Loni one evening earlier this summer. We sat down and discussed her goals and motivations for owning. From there we developed our strategy. That was not actually what was so memorable about our first meeting. After walking out into the parking lot together we noticed a mother duck frantically pacing back and forth by a nearby storm drain. We discovered that all of her baby chicks had, one by one, fallen down the drain and were chirping away at the bottom. That is when Loni and I pulled out our phones and jumped into action. We called anyone and everyone we thought could help. It was this quick action and teamwork that helped rescued those little chicks and more importantly joined Loni together and I as a great team.

Loni Successfully closed on her amazing Townhome and is enjoying all that homeownership has to offer. Congratulations Loni!

Buyer’s Agent: Krista Holen

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