Marzel & Ashley Won with Our New Buy Before You Sell Program!

Marzel and Ashley were clients and friends of mine for years, and I had the privilege to help them purchase their first home in Crystal, MN a few years ago. As their family grew, they started dreaming of a different home for a better fit. Marzel and Ashley are both very hard workers and wonderful people. Working mostly from home, at least for Ashley, with two little adorable kiddos, wasn’t easy in a home they were quickly outgrowing. We had discussed their desire to move “in a year or two”, so I started the home buying process with them by setting up an exploratory search on the MLS. However, Marzel and Ashley kept marking their favorites online, even though they felt like they needed to save more and sell their home to have a down payment for their new home. They were concerned about not being competitive in this market with selling their home and wanted to save more money to put down on their purchase.

As I looked at the market trends, and how they were moving upwards, and that inventory wasn’t projected to improve before interest rates went up and that prices are continuing to increase, I knew I had to find better solutions for them to make the move easier for their young family, and to not feel “stuck” or, worse, end up homeless! At the same time, our team was working hard to find those solutions for our clients, and we developed our “Buy Before You Sell” Program. I called them and explained the various options and how they could open up doors for them to make non-contingent offers and yet not end up with double payments. They were surprised to find out they qualified to make a non-contingent offer with 5% down of their own money, and for a very small fee, could then “recast” their mortgage down to what they would have wanted it by applying the equity from their home sale after they had already closed on their new home.

Suddenly, the world opened up for them because they now had the option to buy in this market! Marzel and Ashley could now take advantage of low interest rates and buy their dream home without worrying about a contingent offer in order to sell their current home. They agreed to talk with my lender, and a few days later they were fully pre-approved to purchase a home with 5% of their own money down, non-contingent. They then chose the mortgage re-casting program so that their final payments would be adjusted down to what they would have had if they sold and bought on the same day! Once approved, we set off on a very select list of homes to look at; having purchased before and tracked the homes for several months with me. They fell in love with a gorgeous home in Shakopee that had all the bells and whistles they wanted and the selections were even their tastes! It fit the budget and even though we got into multiple offers, we pulled out all the stops! Their competitive offer won out the other offer by just enough for Marzel and Ashley to call this house their new home! We closed today, and in the meantime, we already sold their first home! They are happy to have a couple of weeks to move without having to leave their old home, yet having the certainty that their home is sold and will close shortly.

So, how does this work? We’ll connect you with our trusted Buy Before You Sell Listing Partner so you can get pre-approved for the program. For a small fee, you can use funds to make an all-cash offer on your next home. Here is a brief breakdown of the program:

  1. Pay off existing mortgage with a new program 1-year loan up to 80% of existing value
  2. Use available equity for all or part of your down payment on your new home
  3. Obtain a traditional mortgage for your new home at market rates. There are many loan options to select from.

Once we’ve secured your new home, Kerby and Cristina Real Estate Experts will help you sell your existing home fast and for top dollar with our proven Worry-Free Listing System!

Congratulations, Marzel and Ashley, for exploring creative options with me and for moving into your incredible new home! Enjoy many happy memories there with your two beautiful children!

To connect with us on how YOU can take advantage of the Buy Before You Sell Program!

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