Golden Valley Market Update (1 mile radius from Hampshire Park)

There are 38 active single family homes on the market today. There were 2 new listings this past week, and FINALLY, 2 pending homes (one outdated, smaller and a 2011 build) and 1 sold- a relatively outdated 3 bed/3 bath for $153,000.

Coon Rapids Townhouse Market Update

There are 129 active townhouses on the market today, slowly decreasing. There were 6 new listings, 7 pending homes which means there is more activity in Coon Rapids than there has been, and 1 sold this past week.

General Market

Active listings are finally leveling out at closer to this time last year – 21,562 in the Twin Cities’ 13 county metro. Buyers continue warming up a bit. Pending sales were much better this week, as seen in the above activity. However, we continue at about 139 days on the market for homes to sell, unless priced more aggressively. Regardless of starting point, homes are selling for about 89% of list price in the end. WE are still looking at about 6.5 houses per buyer, and that’s before the projected bank-owned and traditional homes flood the market in spring.

On the bright side, housing affordability continues remarkably high, and buyers are MOTIVATED to own a home.


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