Looking For a Fun Weekend Getaway? Visit Cambridge, MN!

By: Cristina Edelstein-Skurat

We are back again with our reviews, but this time I am switching it up and reviewing a whole day my family and I had in Cambridge, Minnesota! Now, before I go into that, I want to make a clarification about these reviews. Someone asked me from our last newsletter, “Do you rate every place you go 4 or 5 stars?”. The truth is… absolutely not! However, as a business owner myself, I don’t like to publish anything that I rate 3 or lower. We entirely skip reviewing restaurants that fall below 3 stars because we do not want to negatively affect another business owner’s livelihood! I hope this clarifies our positive ratings, we only want to share the best!

Now, back to our Day of Fun in Cambridge, and how to have a fun morning or day away (but still close!) to the cities. It’s even better if you’re staying close at a lake home! 

Here is the perfect day: go out to breakfast at a great local joint, next do the best activity available within 15-20 minutes, and take it from there to have

Here’s what we did:

Every Day Café: Cambridge, MN

We arrived at Every Day Café at 8:30am with very hungry kids. The staff was amazing and fun! They had the funniest, sarcastic one liner quotes; the ones little cafes like Every Day Café always seem to have. I got a giggle out of the fact that they actually said what many think about, but few will verbalize. Some of my favorite quotes included: “Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom” and “YIKES … one of the voices in my head has a Potty mouth today” and “Every time I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until it passes.”

But back to the food. We let the kids have free reign in what they ordered, as long as there was some protein. They ended up sharing the Mexican Omelet with a huge portion of hash browns, the pecan pancake (which was FOUR times the size of the plate) and the caramel roll. This place is a deal for the sizable portions, and they were all delicious! Our server was beyond nice and took great care of us. She also had very nice things to say about how well-behaved our kids were, which when you have four of them, you’ll take any praise you can get!

From there, we headed out to K & A Mini Golf per our daughter, Vivi’s, request; she made A-honor roll all year so she deserved to choose, hands down.

K & A Mini Golf

When we arrived at K & A Mini Golf, I was impressed! They fit 18 holes in a fairly small area, and each had some creativity with it. It maybe wasn’t up to the level I’ve seen in Florida courses, but it was a pleasant run with the kids. And since it was a hot morning not many people were there, and it was nice to not be rushed with all our kids.

Let me tell you though, K & A Mini Golf was much more than just mini golf! They have video arcade, games, and a whole set up for Water Wars and a Buckets game — perfect for hot days! For concessions, they had dozens of creative ice cream flavors and treats. They run specials frequently. Plus, if you guess their “mystery flavor” ice cream on the first try, you get a 2021 season pass! It’s purple… maybe you’ll have to take a guess!


After K & A Mini Golf, we went to another local Cambridge restaurant, the Leader. If you can go to ANY restaurant in Cambridge, THIS IS IT! It truly belongs in Wayzata, but because it’s not, the prices that make this gourmet eating something special. I have been there for brunch and dinner. They have a selection of outstanding cocktails and drinks, and their friendly staff is always making up new drinks to try.

I have yet to be disappointed; in fact, I’m always shocked at how delicious they are! Their food is off the charts too – my favorite things are their Pan Seared Salmon and without a doubt, the Bang Bang Cauliflower. Get the Bang Bang Cauliflower every time! I’ve enjoyed the Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad. For breakfast, don’t miss the French Toast Casserole and the Salmon Popover Scramble!

We spent the rest of the day doing fun things and enjoying cooling off on a hot day. If you’re looking for some fun things to do, check out Cambridge!

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