Another KC Restaurant Review, and this time it was at the amazing Birch’s on Lake in Wayzata! I was excited to go to Birch’s on Lake again, because the last time we were here I was in the early stages of pregnancy with my youngest child, Amelia.

Now, as we walked into the classy yet cozy entrance, we were greeted by a professional host, who next to him, had a whole array of apparently faithful and loyal customers ready to dine at this supper club and brewhouse. The warm environment immediately welcomed us in as we were seated at a high-top table with a great view of the lake. I was ready to create new memories of this place, and without a doubt I certainly did, and I will return. Let me tell you why.

Our server was extremely nice, very helpful and friendly. I opted to try the “Birch’s Spicy Coconut Margarita” which was delicious and definitely worth trying! As we were deciding what to order, I chose an appetizer called “Sautéed Brussels sprouts”. Now let me tell you, it could possibly be because I was so hungry, but with the kimchi, Cotija cheese, ponzu and the other deliciousness they put in it, this generous plate of vegetables felt practically like a dessert in my mouth. I know it sounds crazy, but it was so delicious I almost wanted to lick the bowl afterwards and I’ve never felt that way at a restaurant before. So, if you like kimchi and rich flavors, this would be the dish to try for sure!

Kerby ordered the “Birch’s Walleye” with butter green beans. I opted for the “Roasted Skuna Bay Salmon” with a delicious cauliflower purée (Kerby said he would have traded his side any day for that one!) and braised kale. The kale, in my opinion, could have benefited from just a little bit more cooking as well as more seasoning. Outside of that, my plate was delicious, and I enjoyed it!

The ambience was wonderful, and it was nice to see little families getting together; small groups of people just enjoying an evening together. This restaurant may not be as popular or famous as some in downtown Wayzata, but if you’ve never been here, I would encourage you to make a delightful evening out here.

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