Low interest rates, a desire for new space during the pandemic, and low inventory have created one of the most competitive housing markets in years. Many houses are selling before they hit the market, on sellers terms and for thousands over asking price.
It’s a great time to sell, but a somewhat challenging time to buy. Buyers often have to write 4-6 offers before one is accepted. If you are looking to both buy and sell, as many are, the current market can be difficult to navigate. Thankfully, Kerby & Cristina Real Estate Experts are here to help. As the number one Re/Max Results team in the country, we have the strategies you need to succeed.

At Kerby & Cristina, we have a track record of success above average agents. This is because we take time to sit down with clients looking to both buy and sell to ask questions and evaluate options. Since homes are selling in days, it is important to know if a client can buy without selling. When reviewing offers, the number-one thing sellers consider is certainty. If an offer is contingent on a buyer first selling their home, the seller might not have the certainty they need to accept, although our team has been able to negotiate some even in this market!

Not in a position to buy without first selling? With Kerby & Cristina on your side, there is no need to worry. Our team offers several additional solutions that give buyers the freedom to secure their dream home as soon as it hits the market.

Option 1: Recasting with Home Equity: If clients have enough equity in their current home, one option our team at Kerby & Cristina offers is a mortgage recasting program with Bell Mortgage. For buyers who can qualify to buy without selling – but need access to the down payment their home sale would provide – this program allows them to put just five percent down when they buy. As soon as they sell their house, they can apply the equity from their home to the rest of the payment. Then, for only $500, a buyer can recast the loan to the lower monthly payment they originally wanted.

Option 2: A Mortgage Takeover: If clients cannot qualify for a mortgage without selling, our team also offers options like Onward Financing – a program that takes over a buyer’s current mortgage, eliminating the association that is holding them back. This leaves them free to make non-contingent offers. There are some fees associated with the program, but they are far less than the extra $10,000 to $15,000 a buyer must typically offer for consideration while contingent.

Option 3: If a buyer simply has to make a contingent offer, Kerby & Cristina still have solutions. We can list a house as “coming soon,” to build up demand and line up showings quickly to accelerate a sale, or focus on accepting an offer from a buyer willing to wait for you to find your next home!

No matter your situation, our team has the experience and strategies you need to succeed in both home buying and selling. We genuinely care about each of our clients, and do everything
possible to ensure a smooth process that achieves optimal results. With COVID-19, that includes taking steps to keep you healthy and safe. Current steps we are taking include:
✓ Marketing “coming soon” homes, allowing serious buyers to learn more before they hit the market and secure quick showings that are scheduled on your terms
✓ Providing virtual consultations with our buying and selling specialists
✓ Following regular COVID-19 protocols – social distancing, masks, etc.
✓ Access to Non-MLS Listings within our database
✓ Plus MORE!

The housing market is competitive – but with the power of an expert team on your side, you are sure to win. Let our team at Kerby & Cristina help you maximize your sale and secure your dream home. Call us at 763.550.9800 or email us at office@kerbyandcristina.com to learn more today!

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