Strategy #1

Past Client CMAs​

  1. Proactively create a CMA for every person you have helped buy a home. Start strategically with your past clients who have lived in their homes the longest period of time.

  2. Create a screen shared video where you discuss the CMA, briefly cover the numbers/market and invite them to follow-up with any questions.

  3. Send the video to your clients via email.

  4. Follow-up with a phone call to check if they have received your email and if they had any questions.
Strategy #2

Share Success Stories ​

  1. Create a short blog post about a client win or how you went the extra mile to help a client achieve their goals.

  2. Add a photo of the client or image that pertains that relates to how you helped them.

  3. Post to your social media pages.

We have found that breaking down the strategies above into chunks by completing 1-2 a day helps create habits that will drive your business forward. We have a number of proven strategies agents on our team use to grow their business and get referrals.

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