by Dean Hartman of the KCM Blog on December 22, 2011

With the glut of available homes on the market, how your home is marketed is the biggest factor in determining how quickly it will sell (assuming the price is reasonably presented). A real estate agent’s marketing plan should be the most crucial determinant in deciding who to list your home with. But, how can you really know about the agent’s marketing strategies?

One way is to see what they are doing with their current clients. Do those homes “stand out”? Contact those sellers. Are they getting a lot of showings and offers?


Another way is looking at how the agent markets themselves and their services:

  • Does the photo they use for themselves represent how they look?
  • Does their print advertising look like everyone else’s?
  • What technology are they using to show your home? Are they using video?
  • Is their website interesting and full of current information or just cookie cutter?
  • Do they have a professional presence on social networks?
  • Does their marketing show them as an expert or does it merely pat them on the back?

Quality photos on the web and top notch video may be the factor that drives people to see your house (and they are very important). However, how an agent drives traffic to see those photos and videos is even more important.

We all know the saying – “It’s not what you know…it’s who you know.” However, in marketing, it’s more crucial to know “who knows you”. Agents who are unknown are not good marketers. Today, you need an excellent marketer to represent you.

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