Talk about a bad day:  your power has gone out at the house.  Needing to still get to work or your appointments, you decide there’s nothing you can do about it and head towards your car in the garage.  But oh no!

You quickly realize that your garage door requires electricity to open.  What are you going to do?  Never fear – you know that red cord dangling from the ceiling-mounted operator?  Haven’t you always wanted to pull it?  Now’s your chance!  Doing so disengages the chain drive so you can manually slide the door up its track and escape.

I can tell you first hand that this works.  Once, when I was twelve, I was rollerblading in my garage with the door closed.  While listening to Mariah Carey on my Walkman (yes, I was that cool), I slipped on some water.  On my way down to the hard concrete, I reached up and pulled the garage cord.  It didn’t break my fall, but it did disengage the garage chain.  Hard way to learn that lesson; You don’t feel so cool listening to “One Sweet Day” while gasping for air in your garage.  Still, it’s good to know.


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