By Laura, Guest Blogger

If you’re anything like me, even simple household maintenance tasks can often seem daunting.  If I’m trying to hang a picture on the wall, I tend to just aim where I want it to go and hope there’s something solid enough behind there to hold the nail in place.  But what happens if the nail just pokes right through, waivers there for a second, then falls through the wall?  That’s happened to me more times that I’d like to admit.

I’ve heard tales about some sort of device that, if you hold it up to the wall, it tells you where the studs are.  Now, I’m not sure what sort of magical wizardry you subscribe to, but that seems like a lot of hokum to me.  So what’s a girl to do?

It’s time to break out the math and common sense to solve this problem.  Most studs are placed at 16-inch intervals.  So, once you know where one is, you can simply measure along the wall to find the rest.  You can start at the corner, where there’s always a stud, and go from there.  Viola!  You can now feel confident whenever you pick up that hammer to hang your latest masterpiece.  Until next time!

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