By Laura, Guest Blogger

I’m not that great at painting walls. The walls that I’ve had a go at tend to have drips, paint on the trim, and of course paint on the floors. When those floors are carpet, it’s an especially harrowing mess. Luckily, I’ve found a helpful tip when I find myself in that situation.

Now, the last thing you want to do, and probably the first thing you’ll try to do, is to grab a rag and some cleaner and attack the spill. Pressing on it or rubbing it will only cause the paint to spread out more, creating an even bigger mess. Yikes! Try this: cut two pieces of cardboard from a box. You can also use two dust pans or two grout spreaders – whatever you have that’s flat and can hold the weight of the paint. Use the edges of the cardboard to corral the pool of paint. This is more to stop it from spreading further, not to push it into the carpet. Then, use the pieces to form a scoop and lift the liquid back into the bucket. When most of the paint has been cleared, go get two more buckets. One should have fresh water, the other should be empty. Saturate the remaining spill with the clean water, then scrape and scoop it up with a fat spoon into the empty bucket. Work fast and continuously, replenishing the clean water as necessary. I supposed if you have some sort of fancy washing/drying vacuum, you could try that too.

This method of cleaning also works well on “icky” things that you need to clean up without wanting to touch them yourself, like dead bugs or dog vomit. Those of you with children probably have a whole host of grossness to deal with on a daily basis. Try the two scoops method and let me know how it goes. Until next time!

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