If you have taken the time to buy a house and fill it with nice things, you’ve also probably taken out insurance on it.  You’re a smart person:  you know that things like fires, floods and frozen toilet water from airplanes crashing through your roof happen from time to time.  It’s good to be prepared.  So, what should make your master list for your insurance?  And where should you keep it?  These are good questions to ask.

Typically, anything not nailed directly to the house should probably be catalogued.  Furniture, rugs, furs, dishes, jewelry, electronics, etc.  If you’ve kept the receipts for these items – great!  You get a gold star.  If not, simply jotting down when and where you got them can go a long way as well.  Then, you can photograph, or better yet, videotape every room of the house.  Burn a few copies.  It’s a good idea to put one in a fireproof box, your safety deposit box, or even with your Aunt Zelda on the other side of the country.  I’m sure she’s up for it.

I remember my parents doing this in our old house.  However, they mostly just catalogued all their musky lures.  To be fair – it is quite an impressive collection.  Way better than yours…  Until next time!

– Laura,

Guest Blogger

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