I first met with Chad at our office with Kerby. Kerby and Chad have known each other for years. Chad was looking for some investment property and wanted something he could live in while remodeling it to eventually sell or rent out. We started looking at single family homes and condos but later decided a condo would be the best fit for him and his lifestyle and investment needs. He was really in the market for finding something that fit his needs, which meant getting a fixer upper and putting his own spin into remodeling it to fit his style. We found a great condo with natural woodwork and a lot of character right in the heart of Minneapolis, with a fantastic view of the skyline. We negotiated an awesome deal with plenty of room in the budget for some of his remodeling ideas to be put into the works.

I really enjoyed working with Chad by helping him reach his goals to become a first-time homeowner. Congrats Chad! I really enjoyed getting to know you and helping you come up with some remodeling ideas for your new home!

Buyer’s Agent: Tiffany Fiore

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